I was so shock when I got to know that one of my closest friends will be engaged soon. Oh Man, jealous..... The last time I saw him and his girl friend was a few months ago. This has been the most unpredictable friend I had, as usual this is a big surprise.

I got the news from another friend, not 'LIVE'.

"It is always better to be attached than single, the reason is being very simple...... When you are single you cannot be anything but being alone all the time but when you have a companion you still have the personal space to be 'single'"......
This is what he said. Very true,

No one on this lovely world would ever wanted to be alone. You find a girl that you like, as you will fall in love with her. But how many of these loving couples can stand all the obstacles and live happily ever after? Only those who step in the church holding hand. If your girl friend always bug you when she saw wedding dress, get ready brothers, it's a sign ! hehehehehe

Wish all you guys good luck !

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