Finally Finished !!!

Yup, finally done with Ippo Kun,Japanse Feather Weight Champion (72 episodes are hell alot). It took me almost 2 weeks to finish all of it.

Is a story about how a dumb kid like Ippo become the Japanese Feather Weight Champion.It's not just a cartoon i can say. Now after I finish this Anime, I realize why Japan can become one of the strongest contry in economy, never give up. This guy here is the picture is not a super genius, he train really really hard to become what he is at the end of the series.

The story starts by showing how this guy is bullied, how tough his life is, how useless he think he is, this he meet the Japanese Light Weight Champion (stupid character I can say,most of the laughter in the show comes from him). So then start training in the gym... Initial the coach doenst want to train him, where Ippo look really really stupid and powerless in the show. But what touch the coach is that Ippo never give up "No matter how many times he falls" ! Sounds dramatic? Yeah.... is a cartoon anyway.
So no matter how many times he falls in the ring he will stand up, till he meets the present Japaness Feather Weight Champion in the title match. He falls and can't get up, lost the match. Is a new experience to him, he never lost in a match, yet.

Here is a question for you guys, did you remember how many times you fall in a life time? Cant remember ? Good, if you did remember, is either you fell but have no guts to "ReMatch" and keep on remind yourself bout the failure and sink slowly or .... You got up, "reMatch" and still fighting now! That's the way to do it man ! What passed are gone, no point to get sad by that, instead you learn from there. It's like a boxing match, not the end yet till the bell is rang. All these falls you've been are just knock down, refree will still give you a count, 10 seconds to get up. And KO in the other hand, is when you see yourself a coffin.

Ippon couldn't have be the Japaness Feather Weight Champion if he didn't get up after the lost to the Present Champion. So I want to catch up with him, see what can a 'not-genius' can do in my life. Training, get stronger, lost , get trained again, rematch........ and look forward to win in a life.

So many things I have learnt after watching the series ... But anyhow, success require alot of training and practical, not writting blogs here, mate ~

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