Mac + Intel = MacTel ?

This topic has been really hot among us Mac users, and windows users who are have been "admire" the 'Apple' machines for long.In the previous keynote Steve Job has in WWDC, he stated that Apple Machinese will start using Intel Processors Chips. Yeah !!! but ot yet, Steve also says that currently Intel users are not able to install Mac OS into normal Intel chips. Cause the Intel chips that's in the Apple machines are custom build from Intel for Apple. So sorry lah, no Mac OS on clones machines.

Also, No Windows XP on Apple machines too.
Becasue Apple somehow are making some chips in either the mother board or the processors which it's purpose is to recognize digital signature of the Mac OS.Alot of people are complaining to Apple that, why Apple want to restrict the installation of Mac OS only on Apple machines, hence Windows users will not be able to 'RUN' Mac OS X their 'PowerFull Clone Machine' ..... Duh ....

Well, these doesnt bother me much, since i have got myself a Powerbook 12" before the Intel-Based Powerbook. For me it's the ego stuff. I feels wierd if i see the 'Intel Inside' logo on my PowerBook, looks wierd lah. Like seeing a BMW with a sticker 'Toyota Engine Powered'. It's not to say that there is anthing wrong with the Intel processors, just that, not the right place.

That's All.

I buy Apple machines is not only for the Mac OS, not only for the 'WoW Looking' outlook of my Powerbook, it's both.

The built of my PowerBook, the details are in every part of it. The keyboard which is so solid and perfect touch, no funny buttons around the layout (i really doesnt understand the shortcut buttons like 'Internet' 'Web',IBM is a perfect sample), no card readers (??? wasn't it easier to connect DigiCam using the USB cable???), no CD player to play CD??? How dificult izzit anyway to open up the lid of your laptop? Now with new track pad somemore,

Really nice feature that the engineering have been work out. Yes, Windows Laptop users might have this feature long ago before we have it on Apple laptops.But, it's ugly... have to scoll be putting your fingers and the side or the bottom part of the trackpad, eeww.... The Apple ones is basically putting 2 fingers on the trackpad to activate the function. Try ptting 2 fingers on a Windows Laptop~.

Well, so far i havent seen anyting that looks any better than my Powerbook Yet, also the the Mac OS. Try to do a search in Google and you will see how many people are trying to imitate the Mac OS by installing some softwares to simulate the dock and the look and feel of the Mac OS. Forget about, it will just make your Windows slower and ...... hang ???? hahahahaha.

Before this I am also use PC, or Windows. That's untill Windows 2000. Which still hangs.

Ok, to me. Hangs ( I mean alot of hangs, almost at least 5 ~ 8 times per week), and Virus ( you know what i mean ) on WIndows have really drive me crazy. So I decided to get a Mac. And now, the PowerBook that i am using to type this blog is the third one ! hehehehe.

This article can be really long if I don't stop here.
The point is, if you have enough 'reason' to get a PC, you have at least 2 more reasons on top of that.'Hang' (or blue screen) and Virus. So far I havent got a chance to 'experince' both of that on my Mac yet.

Have a nice Day ~


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