Another one ....

Lei Lei, the guy exist in the most boring part of my life, agree with that Lei ? hehehe...

I knew this too from LD, after went thru alot of links between friends. My memory of this guy start with 'Basketball' i guess. That was like 8 or 9 years ago. My cousin sometimes bring me to play basketball when I go back hometown (Lahad Datu), and this guy here happened to be there when we arrive in the basketball court. No one dares to talk to me that time,i think because I am dark and look like a malay, so they don't know what kind of language to start with ! HA! But i freak them all out with my ultimate skills, wins every matches ! (I am really good in basketball that time, but now...... ) But my memory ends here.

Memory started again as the Part 2 where we meet each other again in Ah Bill's house. Yeah yeah, smoking lah, 吹水lah, basketball lah, guitar lah (he has been my quitarist for a while, speacialist in Solo). Sometimes we do have some more interesting stuffs to do, like having a short trip to Tawau, swimming is beaches or rivers (is the best time we ever had back in LD with all the friends doing untra stupid doofus things!!!),barbeque sometimes in one of our house, and sometimes birthday parties ( imagine all these insane people grouping together and having fun.... the madness united...AWESOME!)

How bout the most boring part of my life? That's the time we just finished our hi-school. Staying at home doing nothing for a few months. So this guy here will look for me and other (Balak, Man Man, Ah Jel,Bing Bing) to visit Ah Bill then go for basketball EVERYBLOODY AFTERNOON ! Can you guys imagine how boring is that !!! HAHAHAHAHA. but this is still alot better than the later part, where almost everyone go for futher study, left me ,Lei Lei and Bing Bing. But no basketball, since Bing Bing is really really really really really bad at it and Lei also bored of basketball (..till now..).

No more than having afternoon tea, than go home, then come for 'night-tea',than go home, then some internet.EVERY BLOODY DAY!!! HAHAHA, even worse ? Yeah... So at that time we really spent alot of time and effort on computers. We started to 'So-called-hack' computers, play around with Linux, downloading songs and software using dial-ups, I repeat, DIAL-UP !

And memory Part 2 stops here for Lei Lei, he went to KL Informatics for Computer Science.

Till i step my feet in KL, memory Part 3 continues ........
These guys have been bugging me to come to KL for years, and I have some authority problem and delayed till recently ( reached KLIA in April 2004). At that time this guy offer me to stay at his place with NO RENTAL, thanks for that Lei. For about 3 months I have been living in his place. Insane, madness, stupid, his place is a living hell, which normally we will have some small gathering with all the friends from LD 'unite' over there and .... you know, do stupid stuffs and laugh like hell !!!

Told you these friends o mine are all insane and stupid!! And I am the king among all of them when it come to insane and stupd!! hahahahaha!!!

And Memory Part 4 will be continue...............

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