Had a cake baking session with Ah Lei last night loh. All the others 放飛机. So it's all me and Ah Lei,only.... Baking cake only sounds a bit too boring, so I have a special guest for last night(25/08/2005). Bake Chicken !!! Yeah...

Ok, since I have no idea what the hell is 'Baking'. So I will talk about mine first, The Bake Chicken.

1. Chicken
2. Soya Sauce
3. Pepper
4. Garlic

1. Marinate the bloody chicken with some little bit of soya sauce and some powder.
2. Wrap the whole thing with foil.
3. Put in the oven
4. around 200 Degree Celsius for 25mins.
5. Done !

Should look like how it's shown in the picture below.

I call this... Garlic-Chicken-Wrapped-inDa-Foil

Wasn't that easy?! I always love to cook with simple ingredients and simple methods. Save some time and some money. Hehehehe.

Mean While..... On The Cake side .....

According to MR Ray Chiew, baking is very simple. Just follow exactly what the recipe says and you will have a cake, and we did. Struggling with Lei for about 5 mins on which cake should we bake for the open ceremony for his new-bought electonic-micro-oven over MSN. And and the winner is ~~~~~~~~~Devil's Cake, Yeah ~~~ Sounds Cool Eh ~

So Lei will be fully in-charge of the cake. Me? Sit and wait for makan loh ~
These what I saw on the table ....
1. Baking Flour
2. Hell alot of butter.
3. 1 bar of cooking Chocolate
4. Some Eggs
5. Soda powder

Duuno.... I just see Ah Lei put everything in and mix everything together, put put it in some baking bowl or whatever.... then melt the stupid chocolate. Then put the cake in the oven and bake. Done...

But I will show some pictures to show you guys how the cake are baked.
(sorry viewers, really dunno how to deal with 'rotating' the pictures here, rotating your head as heartily co-opperation)

Part of the ingredients. 'Chocolate' went out for dinner
with 'Eggs', so you dun seethem here

Yup ! All the ingredients,in the mixer.. LEi, do I call that machine Mixer?
Sound so DJ to me.

Lei StandingBy .... (really dunno how to rotate the stupid picture)

AhTak helping Ah Lei out....Filtering the powerder.

Putting in the Chcolate mixture of choco powerder and milk, i think.

Lei 'mixing' the ingredients.

Baked ! The cake don't look nice, i know. But taste GOOD ! really !!!
Trust Me !! Serious one !! No Joke !!
After this we will have to 'pad' the cake with some mixture
of melt chocolate and wiped cread and sugar.

Lei doing decoration on the cake, obviously he is
not good in art, so do I.

He is happy with the decoration. Actually jst 'pad' the mixture of
melt choco and some wiped cream.

Done !!!! Do we look like gay or something? NO !!! We Love girls !

According to MR Ray Chiew, baking is very simple. Just follow exactly what the recipe says and you will have a cake, and we did. Struggling with Lei for about 5 mins on which cake should we have the open ceremony for his new-bought oven over MSN. Devil's Cake, Yeah ~~~ Sounds Cool Eh ~

FInal step, spread the melt chocolate on the cake and sprinkle some cockroach'-shit-alike chocolate cips on the cake. Done !

PS:As seen above, the quality of the pictures is ....... Bad camera can make any cakes look awful. So make sure you have a BETTER camera when you have 'Sessions' going on.


I think I can't continue like this man. Really..... Fat ass is what I'll become. Shit !!! Eat Eat Eat high calories food and do nothing only writings blogs.

Anyway, sharing time with friends is always so good ! Yeah ! Would be lot more happy than staying at home, I had enough with the 4 walls.


Can't imagine guys like us can make food ? Yah, we can't believe it too at first. I mean when I say wanted to cook for ourselves, in the early stage of me staying in KL. Ahlei actually has been baking cakes for a while, just that he didn't have all the tool to do that. Now ! I think we at least will have 1 cake every month ! As so i will be using this (ahtak.blogspot.com) for Lei Lei to show his talent in baking.


  1. c a r c a r said...
    all i see is two topless man baking a naked cake!


    i wanna try some, can?
    AhTak said...
    Sure .. If you dun mind the cake done by 2 half naked gay-look-alike man .... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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