Yes ... 2 nights ago it was so the happening in Baskin Robin@The Curves ... because I was there with LB, LittleAhMAy, Jomel, Titoki and Sengkor.

Lately have been eating all these really fattening food loh..... abit worry about my weight already ..... :( . How ah ? I don't want to be Fei Zhai wow.... haih.....

But the first thing you'll see after going in Baskin Robin ... Ice Cream everywhere (coz they sell ice-cream, ofcoz)~ How ah ~?~ All the Ice Cream look so the nice and the color makes me drooling already ~~~so the nice !!!

And this is what I had ... Caramel Chocalate Waffle ~ Waffle carrying 2 scoops of ice cream that's covered by caramel and peanut chips .... OOoooo ........ Zheng Ah !!! But there's 1 thing that maybe make the whole thing better, please change the plastic container !!!

This is a AhMay & Jomel & LB one ~ Come really close to mine, but I like mine better ~ hehehehhe. Its.... Banana Royale I think. 2 scoops also. The difference with mine is .... this have Banana mine dun have, mine have caramel this dun have ~ hohohoho

Here is the 1 Single Scoop for Single people ( no BF or no Gf punya orang, poor thing). Please don't do makan Ice Cream alone as if AhTak see that, he will catch you with his camera and tell the whole world that one is Single. HOHOHOHOHOH. Ladies if want makan Ice Cream, please call me okay? ~ Dun go alone okay ~? AhTak accompany you ~

We also have couple showing us the proper way to makan Ice Cream so every singel man/woman ( those with no BF and GF punya orang, poor thing ) will get jealous and feel like dying already ~

As this single lady here are trying to show us how to seduce men with 1 scoop of ice-cream, in LOMO way ....hehehehe.


  1. titoki said...
    Thank you very much Mr Ah Tak Kor!

    Everyone will be queuing up asking me to give them some tender loving lick tomorrow.
    Anonymous said...
    oooo... where's that lenglui threesome picture ah? heheheheh! ice cream can become so scandalous, aitelyu!!
    Jo said...
    I am dying of jealousy already! *pengsans*
    Cocka Doodle said...
    **standing in queue and sticking out butt for some tender loving lick by titoki**
    seefei said...
    me next in line to cocka...hehehe

    next time got ice cream invite me hor?
    AhTak said...
    Not only tomolo ....... everday from now on you'll have people queuing endlessly for your 'loving lick' `~~ HOHOHO !!!! Happy ler~~~ Must spent minum then ~~~

    that one kena banned ler ~ titoki ask me not to blog that ler ~ else her queue will get 1000 times longer ~ HAHAHAH !!!

    lil joy:
    Nevermnd ~ we go again ~ we can always go angain and let other jearous ~~ hehehe

    sure still want to queue ah ? Last number of the queue is NO.65745769 wow ......

    see fei:
    Your queue is 1 behind cocka, No.65745770 ..... next time we go then you ask 'special offer' from titoki lah, maybe she can give you better queue number ~ HAHAHAHa
    rainbow angeles said...
    ahtak accompany for makan ice cream means ahtak pay oso hor? :D
    AhTak said...
    Can ~~~ You'll just have to buy me a Venti Latte after that ~ hehehehe
    Anonymous said...
    wahhhh..dem mengancam time call me not for the lick la..the ice cream..i belanja u oso nvm...
    AhTak said...
    maybe ..... you just come to my shop .... I will bring you over there .... get some Ice Cream ... LICK IT ALL THE WAY !!!!!!
    Anonymous said...

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