I've got a Winner !!!!

Yes !!! Put your hands together everyone ~ For CarCar ~ The 10000th viewer of ahtak.blogspotcom . And she has won herself 2 Free Movie tickets + a Starbucks session with AhTak !!!


  1. titoki said...
    Congratulations to carcar!!! :) And congratulations to Ah Tak, you finally got a date liao!!! LOL.
    Jo said...
    yea! after years of waiting, finally!!! LOL!
    AhTak said...
    yawow.... luckily winner not you .... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH

    Yes ... Thanks for everyone's support ~ Sooooooo Happy ler ~~~
    Shasha Best said...
    fuiyo ah tak.. i didnt online for one week and look now... so many entries in your blog! i lost track!!!!!!!
    Anonymous said...
    eh not fair....i was very bz yday..tat's why kenot check out ur blog...ok nvm...next time hor?...congrats to carcar..
    AhTak said...
    Wah ~~~~ What keep you so busy ~~~
    *Run fast fast to check you blog ~~~*

    AiYah ~ Should have post the contest earlier ... hhmm...
    Next time yes ..... I post earlier ~ heheh
    c a r c a r said...
    must call for auction for the movie tix liao :P


    *run carcar run*
    Simple American said...
    Gosh. If I would have won it would have been expensive for you. Have to buy plane ticket and hotel too. wakakakakaka
    AhTak said...
    Please come to redeem you ticket as soon as posiible ~ The movie and the coffe can wait, but I cant ~ heheheh

    Yeah man, tell me about it ~ hahahaha. Plane tickets, hotel, landtrasport, photoshooting for you, makan makan ... ouch ~ I better start saving for the next Mildstone Gift ~ hahahaha

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