And The WINNER !!!

too bad I dun have a winner yet ... But I think should be by today ... Since everyone want to know the prize of "Be my 1000th Viewer" contest... and here we go ....

DSC_8474 copy.jpg

DSC_8477 copy.jpg

2 Free Tickets for GSC and a Starbucks Session with AhTak. For the Tickets, the winner can keep 1 and give the other 1 to anyone else ( but not Titoki unless you are bored of living). And for the Starbucks session, no choice, winner have to go with me ~ hahahahah. So viewers, win at your own RISK .......


  1. c a r c a r said...
    carcar is at HIGH RISK!!~

    sombody come and rescue pls!!!!~
    AhTak said...
    Deng Deng Deng ~~~~ Movie Tickets and Coffee come and save the Day ~~~ WoooHooo ~~

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