So ... how have you guys been ? Last night friday wow ~ Didnt go out meh ? I stayed at home all day long sleeping and watching drama, coz I havent get any 'proper' rest lately ... Actually I have no idea what I am busy with, and that's life....

Then later evening AhMay sms me to confirm our date with Jomel and her friend in 1U... " 8PM or so, Ground Floor New Wing in-front of Guess" ..

Then we ended in this ChineseStyle restaurant named 风味... Nice layout of the shop coz they have alot of really old pictures hanging around the walls and a very 'Original' Koti Tiam counter ... Very the nice ..... and abou the food ofcoz .. there you go ~~~ :
红烧豆腐/Red Fried Toufu ... Some tou fu friend along with 烧肉/Roasted Pork and vege.. OMG, i really hate vege ... YuuUUcks .... But the 豆腐 and the 烧肉 really nice ... Worth trying.

Dang Dang Dang Dang ~~~ 东波肉/ExtraFat Pork Stew. Each piece of meat will have a layer of fat about 1 inch sticked on it. So for those who's on diet and Hi-Cholestorled. Eat at your own risk. Not any place can make this dish taste nice. Some who dun have the skill to cook it right will make the FAT taste too sticky and actually feel like puking... But if the chef got skill, hhhmmm !!! The layer of FAT will taste like pudding. Yes, skills we are talking about... And this one here, not bad. Give it a try if you not scared of hi-colestrol and dying early.

This one 金香鸡/Golden Aroma Chicken... With small shrimps and Curry leafs well fried. Zheng ah !!! Not too hot ( I presume everyone know I dun eat hot/spicy ), just nicely done to bring out the flavour of curry and the chicken.

Following are some LOMO pictures I got from the pub we went to after dinner... Checker in Sri Hartamas ~ They have Live Band, have affordable western food, beers, but no leng lui... Please bring some leng lui there along if you were going, for your own good and other man's eye ~ hehehehe

Use to love going to pubs ... Have drinks and chit chat abit with friends in saturday nights, used to be the best day in a week. But maybe I am getting old ... almost fallen asleep in the pub last night, or maybe the music and the enviorment is too good ?


  1. c a r c a r said...
    wah lau eh !!~ (talk like singaporean) all black black one?! i mean the pub, not the pork :P

    oh LOMO, but hmmm, nothing lah :P

    next week checker will have leng lui, i go next week :)

    Anonymous said...
    waaaaaa, carcar come next week with us! more leng lui, hahahaha! you getting old ka? you need to get out more often ler... ;-)
    AhTak said...
    yaloh ... didnt my camera mah .... have to put hope on the phone ... haih ..... m Next time lah ~ I bring my camera and take better picture ~

    Cane help meh ???? serious mou ??? Even last night me no twisting also whole body sakit already .... haih.......
    c a r c a r said...
    u know why you sakit body? must be playing pool loh :P

    i prefer not to snap pic sometimes. can enjoy the whole process of the prog, eating, dancing or talking.

    be camera free, is nice sometimes.

    talk like celebrities pulak
    King's wife said...
    Ha? old? Aiyoo...still young lah! Do it more often, then you will get used to it. Haahaaa....
    rainbow angeles said...
    aiyooo why u din come tonite?? we all miss uuuu!!!
    aiyooo! *smacks ahtak* u tell me, where old?? where? where??
    国源 said...
    Ahtak,i think ur fren came back here oredi,the one tht play band 1 leh?remember?haha..
    Cocka Doodle said...
    Oh Hor!!!! Ley cham loh!!! You said Checkers got no lengluis that nite ah?
    Are you saying that May and Jomel not lenglui enough ah?
    Afterwards they yeem chor ley baru you tahu. LOL
    Jo said...
    you need me to buy for you tongkat........ali?
    AhTak said...
    hhmm..... people jarang see my face on my blog or anywhere ler, coz me always being the photographer to capture the happy moments of everyone around me ... which I think it's ok to sacrifice abit for that ~ As long as everyone happy, then me happy ~ heheh~~~ Just love to see everyone around happy happy and happier ~

    Got to practice more hor ?~?~? hehehehe ..... maybe true also ~

    haiyer ~ next time ler ~~~ that night really tired lo .... :(

    ofcoz ler ... hhmm... want call them yam cha .....

    eehh...... aaahh.........
    *packed everything and run home ~ !!! *

    Maybe as King's Wife say "Go out more and practice" ~
    Anonymous said...
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