A whole new Beginning...

... First SunRise we had together ...

SunRise, every sunrise means a whole new day ofcoz, and it proved that you've survived from yesterday. It shows hope and wash out last night's sorrow.

Yesterday, you might have alot of unhappy memory you thought they will never go away, that have wipe away your hope for tomorrow and confused your way to your destiny. But it's not the end of the world, come on. Wait for the Sunrise and you know you are strong and life goes on. !!!


Dear Friends,

Friends, who used to be so close that we can have mamak sessions almost everynight, since/after everyone of them have got thier only life, I have the feeling of being isolated and un-important. I still need you guys to find me go mamak and ofcoz going back hometown as friends, for the fresh air and the beach, for the getting togethers and lough out louds. It's been a while, after the last time we were laughing out so laud in Jasimah.

Everyone have thier own life to fight for, don't expect every of your good frinds can share every single pieces with you, own family and datings make us away. But, you know I'll be always here waiting for you fuckers to call me !!! MCH !! Come go Jasimah !!! heheheh



  1. titoki said...
    Thanks. *teary-eyed*

    You are the nicest and the sweetest guy that I have ever met in my life. :)
    AhTak said...
    Come on ... Everyday also got Sunrise and guarateed new hope ~ dun waste time being down already, I want more jokes and lame pictures in your blog !! HAHHAHAH
    Anonymous said...
    ahtak, you're my hero. I'll be your alkaline to your battery to lil' joy's sun. ok? ok!

    and next time I call you go makan, make sure you come out lah... hehehe!
    Simple American said...
    I'm up early but I never get to enjoy the sunrise. Always rushing kids or myself to get moving here and there in the morning.

    Thanks for sharing your sunrise. Love how the red and oranges play around the sun with just a promise of the forrested earth below.
    Anonymous said...
    aiya..too bad kenot join u for brek pes...me early early have to werk liao...sampai sunset oni go home...nvm la..i will be w u in spirit la.....same same..
    lanseelyn said...
    not everyday u can see the sunshine, not everything is under your control..so..we should always consider about the worst part..as now so sudden i lose my dear uncle.. :'(
    King's wife said...
    Ahtak ahtak, sometimes you write so well, I dunno wat to say. Impressive...Your first 2 paragraphs really brought tears to my eyes..
    AhTak said...
    Yes ~~~~ if there's no customer coming in the shop when the door is half closed ... hehehe

    I believe you've got your sunrise, seeing your kids every morning wouldn't that be the best ?~ hehe

    hehehehehe... let's see sunrice together gether ~ you at your place and me at my place ~ hohoh

    Happy things doesn't happen everyday as same goes to the sad ones, things happened when it happen. Try enjoy every second of the happy ones and when the bad ones came, you know I'll be here to share and endless hugs to you ....

    OOooohh !!!! So that means my talking no good lah ~ !!!hhmm..... *turn around and contiue wirtting the next entry*

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