Happy Birthday To You ~~~

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to you ~~~

Happy Birthday to you ~~~

Happy Birthday to SoTong Mui ~~~

Happy Birthday to You ~~~~~~~~~~~

Lets greet the Birthday girl .... Always happy lah ~~~ Always Leng Lui lah ~~~ And wish her .... everything good lah ~


  1. King's wife said...
    Happy Birthday to you, Jian!
    It was nice meeting you.
    Cocka Doodle said...
    Aiyah Jian! Why Ah Tak didn't tell us early?
    Otherwise, you would have gotten at least 4 birthday kisses in advance last saturday. LOL
    Here's wishing you a very happy birthday and successful career.
    sengkor said...
    oi ahtak!! y never tell earlier! uncle cocka, how come u know i will give her at least 4 kisses geh..?

    happy birthday jian!
    Anonymous said...
    Happy Birthday, Jian!!! *hughug*

    pssst... Sengkor, time to go on that date lah! haha!
    rainbow angeles said...
    Sang Yat Fai Lok, ah jian!!!

    oi ah tak, why u call ppl sotong mui wan??
    Cocka Doodle said...
    Sengkor....that 4 kisses was actually from me, ah tak, 9393 and wingz lah.
    Your mouth always covered with the mask how to kiss wor? Like got bacteria liddat!
    Nine3 Nine3 said...
    Yee..now only i know Leng Lui Birthday, by the way Ah Tak until now I still dunno her Blog.

    "Happy belated Birthday"
    Nine3 Nine3 said...
    Ohms..just saw you had put her link directly,
    国源 said...
    HEHE..Happy Birthday Oh!!
    jian said...
    haha~ thanks to mei mei tak and many thanks to every one!!! *happy* muackkzz muackkkzz muackkzz!!!

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