Yes !!! Put your hands together everyone ~ * Applause and Clapping Hands And FireWorks everywhere*

~ CarCar ~

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For being the 10000th viewer of . And she has won herself 2 Free Movie tickets + a Starbucks session with AhTak !!!

And here is a small little interview with the Winner:

1. When you start reading ?

Can't really remember the actual date, but it was after May's purchase of her Mackie.

2. How often you visit ?

Hmm, whenever i thought of AhTak.

3. You find a good place to be ?

Good? How to define Good? It is definitely a pleasure place to be. Easy to read, sincere life sharing, and best photo in town can be found there!

4. Are you a blogger too ?

Once you blog, you can't get rid of it. I am a blogger i think.

5. Did you put a link of in your blog ?

I put Seen It, Been there, Thought That, Snap it !~

6. What will you do with the Movie tickets ? Pass to someone else or
enjoy a Movie with AhTak?

I will go for the movie with AhTak, enjoy it or not, not know yet :P

7. And the Starbucks Session ? Aren't you scared ?

Wahaha! I'm not scared, are you?

8. Last one. What you think that AhTak should do better in his blog ?

Nope, just continue to be AhTak, write like AhTak, blog like AhTak!


I would like to say a million thanks to everyone that have step in before that have keep my counter running. Thank you all very very very much, appreciated and your visits means alot to me. Please do come back often as I will try my best to take more better pictures and write more articles ... Thanks for the support !!!


  1. Jo said...

    Bravo!!!! Long live
    Anonymous said...
    *applause... standing ovation...*

    whee!!! congratulations!
    AhTak said...
    Lil'joy & LittleAhMay:

    Yeah ~~~~~~~ Thanks for linking my blog from yours ~~ hehehehe, must go makan already ~ ~~~
    King's wife said...
    congrats on your 10,000th comment!
    Good job, keep it going...
    c a r c a r said...
    congrate! many many 10 000 to come! many many coffee to come! many many movie tix to come!!


    good job! keep it up!
    Simple American said...
    Congrats for reaching this milestone. Enjoyed the interview of Carcar too. :)
    rainbow angeles said...
    waaa, congrats to carcar!
    AhTak said...
    Thanks ~ Will try my best to make everything better ~

    Yes !!! More Coffee and more Gifts to come !!! hehehe ~~ Keeping up and will try to do better ~

    Hopefully there's lot more milestone ahead, that will keep me going. And carcar, she's sweet izzit she ?~ hehehe

    Yeah ~~~~ waiting for her to come redeem her gifts ~hehehe
    The Miserable said...
    i think, besides 吹吹水, i have more to do here. enjoy seeing your photos. :D
    AhTak said...
    As much as I enjoy spending time your blog ? heheheh. still waiting for you to come over for lunch and 吹吹水 ~
    L B said...
    WAAAAAAAA!!! I feel so unloved already! I should have been the winner, so we can go cinema cinema together!!! Aiyah! How can like that?!!! Ok, we can still watch Brokeback Mountain, ya?!!! Consolation Prize? Wakakakaka!!
    AhTak said...
    hhhmm... liddat ah .... another Brokeback Mountain seession JUST for you then ..... hehehehe
    The Miserable said...
    dude, i have to remove your address link from the commentbox of my photoblog to prevent my friends from entering blogosphere and discover "bouncing along in life". anyway, your comment will be retained and hopefully you can teach me on white balance thingy.

    will look for you and 吹吹水 one of these days.
    Anonymous said...

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