Too busy and no mood to write anything, coz I can't wait to go Ipoh with him, her and her, maybe to meet up with her ... hehehe

(Lame excuse... Malas want to update lah say ~~)

So please remind me to:

.Charge my camera and clean the lens.

.Make sure all my CF cards are working.

.Pack up 4 pieces of cloths and 2 piece of under.

.Go to Bank and take money ( If there's still any ).

.Skip dinner and supper, save for tommorrow.

.Call him to confirm the time ...


short note: Not bring my Nano coz I broke the stupid headphones .... Damm ....


  1. King's wife said...
    I am sure it will be a blast. Have a good trip!
    lanseelyn said...
    hohoho...have fun there with him, her and her.. waiting to see ur leng leng picss & "suprise"??!!
    Anonymous said...
    just be ready by 7 a.m. ok? teksi akan datang pada masa tuh! yay!! porgy worgy!!
    Anonymous said... syiok...enjoy ur self..yaya..the photo kenot miss one...kenot wait dy...
    Cocka Doodle said...
    Have a great weekend, Ah Tak! i'll look after your pig for a few more days!
    titoki said...
    Happy packing and enjoy your trip to Ipoh! :)
    AhTak said...
    Yes It will be !!! * go double check camera and wipe the lens *

    "suprise" ? hhmm ........ * scratching head to think of 1 *

    Gotcha ! I have all my phones lah, radio lah, clock punya alarm set, but can call me tomolo morning ah ??? just to make sure I am awake by then ... hehehehe

    hehehehe.... me lagi cannot wait ler .... cant wait for the food and fun and pictures ~

    Wei, you know thier holes are too small for you right ??? do you ? HAHAHAHAHHA
    Dai Sotong-san said...
    ooo..Ipoh, my hometown ler...make me miss da food over there...**WAT LUET LUET DA CHICKEN** :P
    Simple American said...
    Here is a reminder for the camera. :)

    Take loads of pictures. Take some risky shots. Like they teach in those magazines you wrote about. You got me inspired to finally read my camera's manual. hehe
    c a r c a r said...
    HAVE YOU :

    Charge your camera and clean the lens?

    .Make sure all your CF cards are working?

    .Pack up 4 pieces of cloths and 2 pieces of RENOMA under?

    .Go to Bank and take money ( If there's still any ). if no then can rob the bank!

    .have your dinner and supper already?

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