Where were you guys alst night ? Crowded and get squeezed in Pubs ? Or kena stucked in traffic jam and watch FireWorks in the car ???? I was at home with Jacq ler ... minum soup, hehehehhe.

Dun play play ... she really can cook good soup. ABC she call it. Basically is Potato + Tomato + Lot's of Onions + Chicken, and BlackPeppers ..... Lovely ...

And ofcoz ... Pictures of FireWorks for those who was stucked in the Pub and Traffic ...

Enjoyed ??? Me too, with the love one ...

So many thanks to the warriors who have sacrificed thier life to exchange the country and the people's freedom, without them there will not be FireWorks last night, you and me won't be sitting here blogging or viewing blogs, there will not be even you and me. To the peoples who have scarificed thier life: Thanks for everything that you all have fight for us, giving us freedom and peace. We will appreciate all that and keep on going, along with your spirit and your will.


  1. Anonymous said...
    Happy Merdeka, AhTak!!
    L B said...
    Happy Merdekatak!!! Kiss Kiss... ps: watched some Brokeback Mountain last nite!!
    rainbow angeles said...
    waaa! so the hang fook got soup to drink... waaa! hou laam ahhhh...

    last nite i was at work...
    today i'm at work too...
    *double scream*
    *pull hair*
    hv a nice day!
    AhTak said...
    Yeah ~~ Happy Happy Independence Day ~~~ HugHug 2 ~~~ hehehe

    SShh ... dun let my gf know ... she'll kill me .. hehehe

    hehehe.. and the soup very nice ler ....

    I was working also last night...
    *SCREAM !!!*
    Today in the shop also ...
    *Pull leg hair and nose hair*

    You too... have a nice weekend !!!
    Anonymous said...
    eeeee... *shy*~~~
    tmr go for 'sai yong choi' soup ok??
    AhTak said...
    YES !!! I want I want !!!! I want alot !!! can ah ??? can ah ???
    King's wife said...
    the soup looks good. Very gau..lucky you!
    Happy Merdeka!
    AhTak said...
    Yaler ... Lucky me ... heheheheh More lucky if i can have Soup everyday .. hehehe

    Happy Merdeka Day ~
    Chen said...
    so nice :)
    Ah Tak very hang fook woh, get to drink leng tong :)
    Chen said...
    Happy Merdeka Day :D
    lurker said...
    marry her lor.. sure got soup everyday.. keke

    when's the big day? :)
    Simple American said...
    Great post. Loved the fireworks.

    The statue looks very impressive. Good you remember the soldiers. Freedom is never free. Always has a blood price.

    Hope you had a Happy Merdeka.
    T0ma said...
    have a nice independence day

    can i ask y'all a question?

    WHY Your country steals Indonesian Culture? thats pathetic
    jali jali

    And now, your country try to steal Pedra Branca from Singapore? so greedy!!!
    no wonder, lot of people call your country Malaysia - Truly Maling Asia!

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