Thanks Everyone !!!

ShortNote:Yes !!! Finally finish editing the pictures and mail out to everyone, and after all the crouds on Sunday. Now I can sit down and start to miss someone already ... Was just a few minutes ... But good enuff for me......

Date: 05/08/06 evening.

Venue: King'sWife's place.

Attendees:King'sWife, LittleAhMay, Jomel, Lb,Cocka, Sam, Kelly, AhTak and Sengkor.

Thanks for the Invitation and I, have been appointed as the official Photographer on the event. Fun Fun Fun !!! hehehe. All night long makan makan makan and laughing till tears come out and shit also almost come out !!! Fun Fun Fun !!! Thanks King'sWife for Venue, Thanks AhMay for Lor Mai Fann and Tiramisu, Thanks Jomel and LB for the GuLou Yuk and Siu Ngap, Thanks Cocka for the ride and wine, Thanks SengKor for the OrangeJuice, Thanks Sam for the Piano session, and Kelly for taking pictures with me ~~

Jomel brought over some soup for us... HaiYo, very zheng ah .... you all should know, I miss my mom punya soup so much. As living alone here and KL make me no choice other than Maggie soup or OutSide that have so much Ajinamoto.

The Ladies were in-charge of setting up all the food and also the table layout. Nice mou ???

Siu Ngap courtesy of LB/Jomel ? All the way from SSsomething. Must go with the Zhaaap that comes together with the Siu Ngap or it won't taste as good. Like Roti Kosong without Kari liddat...

Coutesy on LB/Jomel also. Hhmmm... Zheng Ah !!!! Hou Hou Sek !!! The sauce was just nice and the best part is, even the meat were soaked in the sauce for sometime, but I can still feel the crispiness of the deep fried meat. Solute to the cook !

Thanks LittleAhMay. Cocka, AhMay and me was abit earlier to arrived in King'sWife's house, coz AhMay wanted to serve us HomeMade Tiramisu. Really the nice and I were always amazed looking at othere baking cake or deserts. As mixing all the ugly ingredients can come out Cakes that make me stunned abit by the prettiness of it. You all know I love Cake ?

Lor Mai Fann by LittleAhMay also. Taste really the good ler ~ 100 times better than the 1 I have every morning in MaMa Nyonya. And she also share some tips with us how to cook and some tips to make it taste better. Also thanks to Cocha, that now I know it taste quite good when Lo Mai fann were lightly poured with Wine, but please take note that it goes well only with Good Wine.

Coutesy of Cocka. He told me that I should really taste this one as it's the same Wine that's been served in FirstClass on BritishAirway. Seriously, I can't even differenciate White and Red Wine... I think I've wasted the very fine wine.

And while I was waiting for everyone to prepare dinner, I walked around and sepnd some nice time exploring King'sWife' back Yard. Wah ... Zheng ah ! And when I show her some pictures she cant even tell it was from her back yard. hehehe. Also, me and Cocka have confirm that "All the Fishes in her pond are Male" !

Well, please enjoy the pictures ....

And ofcoz some eye candy ......

Had really great time having dinner and after with the guys/ladies. Thanks for night!


  1. Anonymous said...
    waaaaaa!!! lenglui ah!!! wakakakakaka!! most welcome on the food, of course must have you to take all the nice-nice pictures for us liao... very the pro leh! I likey!

    thanks for the photos, banyak syok until lau hau sui!!

    ZHENG AH!!
    国源 said...
    wow...home cook! sre very very the nice!!
    ei..tak,what tht red circle thing?look very interesting,aha...
    c a r c a r said...
    wow king's wife must be very excited! ur photo turn her house become magazine feel balinese style warmth and nice art piece.

    *wat am i talking about?*


    two lenglui!

    i also want i also want!!


    *hey u really good in photo shooting leh*

    good job!!~
    Chen said...
    nice photo :D
    manyak syiok :)
    Jo said...
    The photos are so beautifully taken! Hou Zheng ah!!!
    AhTak said...
    No problem ~~~ as long as you like my pictures ~ hehehe

    Forgot to congrats you for the MacBook, CONGRAT !!!! heheh
    That's a candle holder ler, a glass candle. So it will look very the nice when the candle light pass thru it ~

    Her house very the zheng lah !!! I even asked her if I can go vacation in her house when I holiday ~ hahaha

    HaiYer ~ No time to chat about that day hor ~ next time ~~ next time ~~~~ next time must !!!

    Thanks you beautiful house + Leng lui Leng, Leng Chai and fantastic food ~ heheh
    King's wife said...
    Wah, really gorgeous shots!!
    It was nice having you over. Please come again...and take more pictures. Wakakakakaakaa!!!
    Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...
    Wow you're making me wanna go grab a DSLR...nice pics!
    Cocka Doodle said...
    Those are really great shots, Ah Tak.
    Waaa...your camera can make Ah May looks so beautiful despite she had very little sleep. LOL
    The food was great! The company was even better.
    Simple American said...
    More eye candy pictures. I have a sweet tooth.

    But honestly the photos look so good. Going to print the food pics for my dinner.
    L B said...
    I lau hau sui again already!!! Beautiful pictures!!! Beautiful time!!! Waaaaa.... chuuap!
    AhTak said...
    Yes Yes !!! I sure want to go again ~ Didnt had enuff pictures from your place yet ~ hehehehehe

    Get one ~~ Faster faster !~~~ then can go photo outing ~ heheheh

    AhMay already very Leng Lui mah ~~~ I didnt do anything also ~ hehehehehe. Yeah ~ Enjoyed myself alot that night ~
    hehehe, looking forward for the next one !

    I will try my best to capture the Girl's most beautify moment.... Zheng ah !!!! hehehe

    And the beautiful Girls ~ heheheh
    ZMM said...
    Err.. can I invite you over for Zara's 2nd birthday and appoint your as the official photographer ah??

    Your photos very the zheng ah!
    AhTak said...
    Can ~~~ no problem ~ But got to let me know ealier so I can make myself free for that day ~
    Anonymous said...
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