Where's the romance ???

ShortNote:Soli ah ... not been updating coz I want to see myself being a good man for a longer while ... hehehehe

Yah man, first Official Dating after certified was in a MiniMarket.. WHAT ??? MINI MARKET ???? So unRomatic ler ~~ But nevermind ler, coz I was helping her to get some household for her house, which is kind of empty coz she and Jian just moved in. So, as a boy friend who has experince with households, I go with her.

Before going for 'shopping' ... We had lunch somewhere in Uptown.

She ordered herself a Yim Gok Gai noodle in Soup. Something new to me ler. I've tried lots of things with noodle in soup, but not Yim Gok Gai. Pretty good, as the flavor are well done. Chinese Herbal soup are strong but didnt cover up the taste of the chicken, but actually bring out the taste of the chicken... well done.

For me ler, I have the Rice version, coz that time damm hungry and I think rice more filling ... hehehe. And Yim Gok Gai Fann ... sounds good ~

After all the makan-makan we continue our date ler, which is household shopping...According to her auntie, she can get really good price for the things she wanted in some miniMarket in some place in OldTown PJ, and God knows where the hell is that.... However, I am kind of bored after giving her all the suggestions on what she need, and luckily I have brought along my handy little Canon S60.... for pictures

Looking at all these 沙褒, reminds me of ShaBou Gai Fann, HannYu Fa Lam Bou, ShaBou TaoFu, food food food. Chinese are damm good with food, aren't we ? hehehhe...

Traditional Chinese Paterned Tea Cup. Nice ? If you know how to appreciate, which I don't. heheheh, coz me not really into history ler, I can't even name out more than 2 China Emperor, what a shame chinese I am. But I love looking at these paterns ler, and the color mix and match are really good. Also I've been wondering, why on earth then want to spend so much time putting all these hardwork on a tea cup... I guess these are what we chinese have learned in 5000 years, work hard and play hard. Supreme concentration at work and fully enjoy the fun while relexing. It's the balance of Ying and Yang.

Then had a Dai Seng Gung/Fu Cha/Ga Liu/Wong Lou Gat, at a roadside stall selling all sorts of chinese herbal tea. This 1 I had damm good, it can 'cold' down the 'fire' in ones body, even better than Ice Bali.
End of Afternoon part of the date ...

Then later at night we all are organized to join the Karaoke Session with Photokakis, in RedBox@The Curve...Always fun to gather with all these nice people ...

AhTak, Jacq, Jian, Eric, Brenda and WongSW, then later AndyGoh came join the fun

The happy ones enjoying themselfs ....
And the bored ones kena bored .. heheheh

Alway pleasure and fun going out with lovely people ~~


  1. Anonymous said...
    ahtak... it's evident that it's not about the camera, but about the cameraman. love that teacup photo and all the others taken with just your compact camera!

    karaoke... waaa, I miss that... jom lezgo "cheong kay"!!
    AhTak said...
    Actually the little Canon pretty reliable sometimes ... when my Nikon is too BIG ... hehehehe, come come ~ Let's go K ~!
    国源 said...
    haha..tht day i saw Eric wong buying Asus computer..(if i'm not wrong)
    Anonymous said...
    Wow..! Tak-Kor..! your g/f so pretty..!!

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