Shortnote: I travelled nearly 2000KM within 1 months, driving... Genting, Melaka, Tangkak, Keluang, MidValley, KLIA, OneUtama BU 12, UpTown, Mon't Kiara, Zoo Negara, Bukit Jalil.... Sponsorship on tires, anyone ?

Well ... Got to say I'm very very the sorry for the slow update. Been busy and no chance to get into the internet with my laptop. Well, cam really remember what happened since it's been too long from the last entry, hehehehe. Anyway.... I was in Keluang for my Good Friend's wedding:

Balak and his wife ~ Gong Hei ~~ Gong Hei ~~~

Dinner was great but maybe a little bit boring ler, since Balak have to sit there like balak to entertain every guest, so no time to entertain me ler... :( But me, my GF and Lei didnt find ways to entertain ourself ler, snapping pictures and chit chat about while waiting for the food. The food was terrific, amzingly better than some BIG RESTOURANTS back in KL. Speacially the Roasted Duck, me and Lei die die want to think it's chicken! Where got Duck like that one ??? The meat was so soft that you don't really need to chew, so juicy that KFC didnt even come close, till now I still dun want to believe is Duck... cannot be... Huh ? Picture ? where got time ??? Got to makan ... minum...chit chat...take pictures for the couple ~ You know I busy man mah ~ hehehehe


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