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Well, the iPhone just came out yesterday and already so many people writting articles about it, reviews, comparison, and so on.... Well, here I'll just tell you my story.

I've even make a chart to show 'Why iPhone ?" ~ hehehehe. Comparing to 2 of my use-to-be wanna-buy. But there's slightly some problems/downside...

1. Internal Battery ... Damm, just like the iPods. Meaning you can't change the batt youself, anything wrong and you'll have to send to Apple Store. ( My Nano still running fine, after 2 years )

2. Short Batt Life. As what stated in, the iPhone have 5 hours for talking/Browsing/Blogging/Porn. Where got enuff ??? But good thing is that the iPhone uses the same adapter as iPod, so I might be able to save the money buying extra charger ? hehehe
3. No 3G connection. Well, in Malaysia as compare to other countries like US, Taiwan etc ... the amount of 'HotSpots' are very little, so the WiFi connection might not be good enuff for most users. As for me, it would be nice if the iPhone have a 3G connectivity, so I can subscribe to Maxis RM120 unlimited 3G Access so I can get mail and write blog anywhere ( atleast no just Starbucks or 1Utama ).

4. Size. The iPhone might be tiny if compare to most PDA or some phones, but I think the it's not Perfect sized yet. In another way, consider it as an All-In-One phone that can save your pocket space for a Phone, a PDA to online, an iPod nano 8GB, ok lah. Also all the different chargers for different device lying on the floor, and now, 1 can Gao Dim. ~ neat ~ ~

5. Price. As shown on website, 2 years of contract with Cineger and you can get the iPhone 8GB at 599USD, that's excluding phone and internet usage. Let's do a direct conversion without tax and all other shit. 599USD x 3.85 = RM2300± . Mahal ? Can buy a cheap China Made or Acer Laptop liao ler ~ But let's break it up.
Phone + iPod + Internet Device, that's roughly RM800(a decent Phone ) + RM 1000 (8GB Nano ) + RM1000 (simple PDA that can online ) = RM2800 excluding the extra chargers and extra accessories for each.

6. Cant Buy Yet. Damm. In US the shipping date is around June, Europe en of the year and Asia Pacific next year, that's if Apple manage the get the licence from Federal Communications Commission in time. Also, in Malaysia everything also must be slower abit compare to anywhere else. Got to go thru Kastam lah, SIRIM lah, this lah, that lah. I remember last time when Apple just lauched the iPod mini and customer start calling already, "Wei, when can get ah ? Why so slow one? I better go Singapore and buy lah", "Hello, dun have yet ah ? Nvm lah... I ask my cousin's sister's bf's uncle's brother's father's good friend's auntie's grandmother's nephew to buy in US lah"... Blame who ? Economy merosot blame who ? Not that customer no money to buy, not that shops dun want to sell... damm, Toll naik harga lagi ....


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