Treat for Us

After a long Shooping Journey with Jacq yesterday in Sungei Wang, we had a sweet treat for ourself in Häagen-Dazs Bintang Walk... So sweet, is with her, ice cream were just bonus.

Pretty good to pak toh in the shop, maybe just a little too tight if it's weekend or holiday as the shop is not more than 500sft. They do have a ffew table outside for smokers,but is not romatic to have Ice Cream with your love one beside the road right ? So I suggest you all go on weekdays.

I got myself a << ? ? ? ? ? >> ( forgot name again). Which has a scope of Belgium Chocolate and a scope on Chocolate Cookies flavored ice cream in it...OOhh.... so smoooooooooth so sweeeeeeet. Dun worry, they provide Sky Juice ( ais kosong ) for free too, if you found the ice cream too sweet, or you love one.

Jacq had a Something-Something mixed of 6 balls of flavored ice cream, a touch of nuts and caramel for extra RM2. I try and I love the Cookies and Cream the most. OOooOOo .. So Sweeeeeeet so niceeeeeee .

My dad sure gonna kill me if he see this post.. "Wah Lao, siao ah you? RM50 for 2 SMALL plates of ice cream ??? Any idea how many boxes of Magnolia or King's can buy ah ??? " .... Aiya, true also lah that the Häagen-Dazs are very expesive. But I really think the Ice Cream worth the price on the Menu. The Ice Cream is ... so ..... very the .... we were speechless for a few seconds after the first spoon of the Ice Cream... oooOOOooo .... so nice ...... But seriously cannot eat everyday ler, else you get fatter everyday and your wallet get thinner every treat ...

ShortNote:$#@%$#@^&#$@*%* !!!!!! SO EXPENSIVE!!! #@$%#@$%@#5....


  1. Anonymous said...
    Wah lau eh~ So low man dick ooo~ ;p

    The ice-cream got melt or not? Ho Ho Ho~
    seefei said...
    lucky wifey not a fan of ice cream. rm 50 for 2 so pok kai lah if eat everyday!

    but if lomandik, wanna give it a try. see whether got such ice cream in lil dot!!
    Anonymous said...
    That's the price to pay for yum ice-cream! At least it's not a daily indulgence. :-)
    Anonymous said...
    so sweet... hehe
    King's wife said...
    Everything is nice and sweet when you are with your loved one. ;-)

    Happy New Year to you, Ahtak!
    Here's to a wonderful 2007!
    Anonymous said...
    Have a successful and lovey-dovey new year with Jacq, ya! Happy 2007!
    Anonymous said...
    Happy Prosperous New Year for 2007!
    c a r c a r said...
    happy new year!! ah tak!!! muacks mucaks and kiss kiss!!~
    Anonymous said...
    wui, bring me for ice cream also leh !
    AhTak said...
    Ofcoz melt lah ~~~ you know AhTak so 'hot' what ~~ hahaha

    I am sure they have ~ Try the Chocalate StimBoat if you happen to find in SG~

    I am on the DietPlan after that ... :(

    Happy New Year to Leng Lui Auntie also ~~~ will be a Great 2007 ahead ~~

    Tengkiu Uncle Cocka ~~~ Happy New Year to you also ~~~~

    Happy New Year 2007 ~~~getting nearer to your return to MY ? heheheh

    Happy Happy New Year ~~~ Xin Nian Kuai Le ~~~~

    Come Come ~ I bring you SS2 Pasar Malam Yao Yao Bing ~~~

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