Finally, but not yet ...

It was last night when I was having wet dreams ...

Apple has finally annouced the latest and long been waited iPhone... Sleek & Sexy ... This lastest member of Apple family is a combination of iPod + Phone (with camera) + MacOS X + simplePDA ( contacts and calender ). Unlike any other phones on the market, iPhone is the first that visually dont have any keys to press, a true 'Touch Screen'. Let's take a look of the features ...

As a phone. iPhone takes Quad-band (MHz: 850, 900, 1800, 1900) + EDGE , with builtin WiFi and BlueTooh 2.0. Uuhh..... also a nice little 2.0MP camera that comes handy, sometimes. Ofcoz with those 'standard' features found on any other phones like Making Call ( duh ... ), SMS, ( Duh ... x 2 ), and MMS I suppose ?

Technologically advanced:

1. Multitouch. Revolution of Touch Screens. It's the first even Touch screen that allows more than 1 'touch point' operating on the screen, just like the MacBook/MacBook Pro's trackpad. PC users, try putting more than 1 finger on your Laptop's trackpad or you PDA screens and see what happen.

2. Running on OS X that doesn't provide BlueScreen and Virus and Hangs. Would be bad news for PC users as I guess they will miss those things 'features' so much.

3. Wireless/WiFi . Not anything new in PHONES but it would be 'essential' in the future phones, just like Camera and MP3.

4. Automatic rotation on screen depening on the orientation on the phone. Pictures and video become Lanscape if held upright, while if rotates the screen in phone were held horizontally. Cool eh ? Just like myCanon Ixus 60

Internet Gadget/Device/Tool/Toy which has the Safari as WebBrowser, a Simple Mail software, and Widgets, neat. With all that, you have things done daily on your computer be done on the phone itself anywhere with WiFi or Edge. Blogging in the toilet, MSN in the Pub, surf porn while GF is shopping, or maybe surf Forums whehn stucked in a traffic jam. Supposingly the iPhone support Map too, but I really doubt if it's gonna make it in Malaysia.

If you owns an iPod and you'll appreciate the ease of use when looking up for songs and video. I tried Sony, Samsung, Creative, all just not as sleek and the sound quality are far too much of different. If you are planning to get an MP3 player, I suggest that you have a little longer and get iPod.

Anyway. You or I are not getting the phone tomorrow, coz it will be shipping out in Update!: US in June*, Europe in YearEnd* and 2008 Internationally. Dun ask me why coz I dunno. I guess, it's due to the Telecommunication Service Provider. In US, Apple.INC have tagged along with Cingular, and those is Europe and Asia has not been announced yet. In Malaysia it would be either Maxis, Celcom or Digi, let's pray folks.



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