Oh Shit ! I'm Locked !

The whole building that I am working at is totally NoSmoking, not in the office, not in the toilet ( i still wonder why ), so if you want to smoke and shorten your life, you got to go all the way to the Ground Floor open air area. That's from 8th Floor to Gnd Floor. For a 2min smoke. So, trying to save that 5mins from 8th Floor to Gnd Floor, I try to look for other place that is open air and can have a nice quiet 5mins smoke break. First come to mind is, the staircase. Which I smoked before in my college staircase, shopping complex staircase, and some other staircase and it doesnt seems to be any problem, hehehehe. So I did went to the staircase and find:

Damm ! NO SMOKING HERE ALSO !?!?! As what the board says: It's for escaping from Fire and for the Guards to meronda, not for you smartass to smoke ! Wah lao ... Fine, as they give nice reasons to ban smoking around, I will have to find amother place. So I walk back to the door and found out that it's locked. LOCKED ! LOCKED !! WTF ?!??!?! DAMM !!! So I start to panic abit liao, what should I say if the guard find me here? What if boss look for me in the office but I'm stucked while looking for a smoking place ?!??! Damm .... So I fast fast walk down from floor to floor hoping that I will find a door unlocked. But the security level in this building is so good and I think they are serious about the "NO Smoking in Fire Escape". Mahai og lan lah ... Got back to where I enter and start to think ... think ... think ... Suddently.....

Ding Dong !!!

HAHAHAH !!! How Blardy Smart I am ! I so smart to thought of using a card to open the door ! HAHAHHA. Also pissed ler, so scare ~ hahahahah. Felt a great relief after the first fresh air I smell behind the door ~ ooh... Then You know what ? I still go all the way down to Gnd Floor and get a nice stick of Marlboro...


  1. 国源 said...
    haha..what kind of door is tht?
    so easy to break thru 1..or can be say u r lucky?or unlucky...Haha..
    Unknown said...
    There got smoke detector or not? If no just smoke only lah... anyway, my office room got the detector but I still smoke... ngek ngek ngek
    AhTak said...
    Unlucky... Still have to walk so far to smoke.. :(
    Lucky ... Not stucked in some weird staricase .. ;)

    M dak lah .... my boss just sitting 2 meters away from me and there's a big big big big "No Smoking" Signboard in the toilet, and sometimes you even get lanC ang moh come in and diu 9 you... :(

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