Tired Weekend ...

Wow .... Last last weekend ( 20&21 Jan ) I thought I had a very tiring weekend .....

Friday 19/01/2007:

That was a late night Basketball game with my friends where I asked SK to come over to join, actually I forced him ... hehehe. As he have to wake up around 8AM so he can play late ( game start 1030PM end 0130AM), then I told him:"Wei, I got to wake up 6AM tomolo for a shooting ler .... " then he answered:" .... Diu.. ok lah, die die lah " ~. So I met him up in Leisure Mall Cheras around 10PM as it took me so many U-Turns to get there since I not familiar with Cheras mah... Had a great game with him but too bad he got to leave around 1130 plus, too bad he didnt see me show off yet ... diu .... hehehehe. SengKor, another game ?~ Come lah ~ I promise to show you more skill ~ hahahhaha. Reached home around 2AM ++ and still manage to get a quick shower and a few episodes of Baki before I collapsed, timed 04:15AM.

Saturday 20/01/2007:

Still manage to wake up sharp sharp at 6 and reached the Bride's place in SS1 around 630AM. My job is to capture pictures from the very begining of the day, which is preperation untill dinner end. It depends on what the client wants. Some want more pictures of themselfs, some wants more pictures of what's going on, and some want both. Ofcoz that will be differ in prices. Some think that Wedding photography is an easy job with fast money. No.. Hell no. You got to be always alert and prepared to what will/might happen and you got to make sure you are the first one to reach the scenen and capture what's going on, and ofcoz you got to make sure your pictures are better than those pictures captured by 'relatives / friends'. Lucky is that I have a nice client, the bride keep on reminding me to eat breakfast lah, lunch lah, make sure I get some drink if thirsty lah, also her mom keep on offer me Cha Siu Bao for breakfast ~ hahaha. It was fun taking pictures for the Loving couple and thier family members. It didnt take long for the morning session, I manage to reached home around 02:30PM after all the wrong turns and sesat. After a short nap about 30mins, got to wake up and prepare the pictures I took in the morning session for slideshows at the dinner that night, "Select select, edit edit, resize resize, convert convert , burn burn burn .. "

Reached the Restorant in Klang at 8PM sharp, and that's 1 hour late from what I promised, thanks to the rain + traffic + misleading sign boards... Just before the dinner start, the manager of the restourant came and told me that the SlideShow cannot play together with the AudioCD, huh ??? Yah, I "huhh" ..... Normally restourants that hold wedding dinner should have a mixer that at least have 4 channels: 1 for some video that will played on the projector, let it be Movie or Astro or SlideShow in VCD movie, 1 for the DJ/MC to do announcement of speech, 1 for the AudioCD to play endlessly as background music and 1 for .. karaoke ?! But dunno why this restourant dun have, somemore the manager asked me a stupid questions....:

Manager:" Eh boss, you CD is DVD or VCD format ah? "

AhTak :" It's AudioCD , normal AudioCD .. "

Manager:" Ehh ... then it's DVD or VCD lah ?!! "

AhTak :" It's AudioCD, standard normal one for CD player "

But she doenst seems to understand what is DVD, VCD, CD ..........

So I leave them and let them be stupid, not my job to settle that and I dun have to stand there and let them make me look stupid...

Anyway ... The Wedding Dinner went alright with alot of laughter here and there and so I was busy snapping there and here for the bride, and she seems to like my pictures too ... hhehehehe .... Now I can wait for the pay already ~ CNY Ang Pao mah ~ heheheh

Sunday 21/01/2007:

Beh tahan the tiredness and thought of sleeping the whole day at home, but I didnt .... I went gai gai with my GF ler, hehehe. Sunday mah ~ Ofcoz want to spend time with here ler ~

And that was last last weekend ..... Half dead ..... Then starting on Thursday


Basketball in Ampang with MaxKY and my friends from 11PM to 2AM, but this time I didnt watch cartoon before sleep ler, siao meh, still got to work on the next day ler ..... But surprisingly my muscles and as painfull compared tp last week, I think maybe I did enuff stretching, so my muscles are more flexible... So next time must stretching and warm up before game start.

Friday 27/01/2007:

Basketball game in Ampang again starting 11PM till 2AM. Tiring ler, and my friends are not really active to play ler, maybe tired, so the games are not really great ler. Hopefully next week can have better games ....

Sarturday 28/01/2007

Woke up really late and had late lunch and stay in the house whole day long watching movies/cartoon, and found out that, slept too much also get tired, damm ..... If liddat I rather go basketball for take picture lah, somemore the house so hot, just sit there also sweat.... Anyone sponsor AirCon ah ?

Sunday 29/01/2007:

Actuall day that I found out sleep too much will really feel more tired and the place I am staying now is very hot. So got to ask again ... Sponsor AirCon ? Anyone ? Beh tahan the heat and did some shopping in 1U in the afternoon, and scared by the crowds, I really wonder where all these people come from ....

Captured in 1U as I am amazed by his skills of making those paper cutouts ... amazing ....


  1. Jo said...
    what a different life you lead now eh? Got time for basketball, for gai gai, and most of all, your favourite: photography!! All these seemed so impossible last time. You are definitely in a better place now. Tired, but fulfilling life you lead now tak tak! :)
    Anonymous said...
    Dun sleep too much, really... Forever not enaf sleep one...
    AhTak said...
    Yaler ... more time for my photography now, can go more places and take more pictures, hehehehe. now problem is thinking of where to go take pictures .. hmmm ...

    I think so loh, sleep too much and all the joint will be painful, and feel very malas, then will go back sleep again .. hahahaha

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