10 - January 2007 Wednesday::

5:35PM - Leave office.

5:45PM - Ta Pao Prosperity Burger from McD@Mon't Kiara.

6:10PM - Reached home from traffic jam.

6:20PM - McD as dinner + 三分鐘先生.

7:10PM - Fall asleep while GF still watching video...

7:30PM - Awake by GF told to take bath.

7:31PM - Replied: " MMmm ...." and continue to sleep.

11- January 01 2007 Thursday::

5:30AM - Wake and prepare (take a shower ofcoz ) to send GF to work.

5:50AM - Reached GF's office, and yawn twice.

6:05AM - Reached the usual mamak and had breakfast

6:20AM - Finished breakfast and take out PowerBook to watch movie.

6:25AM - Found out there's WiFi and wrote this entry ...

Can tell I am tired ? I bet I am ....


  1. +wennie said...
    'Finished breakfast and take out PowerBook to watch movie....'

    yerrr.... shan jou lao lao hai mamak goh dou tai ham pin! PEI SHI NEI!!! yan wai nei mou giu 9 ngor yat chai tai!
    King's wife said...
    definitely more exhausted than me. :D
    seefei said...
    you got a good gf! and an undying spirit! what is a lil bit of tirednes. i am sure you are young enuf to afford it :-)
    AhTak said...
    mm gan yiu .... gamm mann wan nei yatt chai tai sei zhai ... lo bak tao geh ok mou ?

    I thought housewife the most tiring work in the work ? ( see the way my mom work ) hehehehe

    Eehhh .... ah ..... Still long way to go hor ? haih ..... I miss school days where 7:30AM to 12:30 'working hour' .....

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