Yah ... I know it's abit late to buy this already, but me old man slow update mah. Since now I have a whole Saturday and Sunday to waste, so many playing PSP at home or Starbucks sounds cool eh? I think at least I will get Anyone want to sell off thier used unit ? Or anyone willing to update the price for a new one ?

Hhmm ... Maybe getting either one to start with .....

or maybe this ?

But mostly not ler, coz if I buy Naruto or Bleach then I can share and play with my GF ler ... The other games later lah.


  1. TingTitLei said...
    dont get need for speed for psp.. its kinda sucky compared to ps2 or pc. and the price is around 900 haha
    AhTak said...
    hhmm.... I've played the PC and PS2 version of NFS Undergraound, damm siok !!!
    Anonymous said...
    hey mate,
    how come i cant get u with the number.. hv u change ur mobile number???? plz email me or give me a call plz ..

    Samentha M

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