YEAH ~~~ New LOGO !!!

A million thanks to Wennie and now .... last.... AhTak.BlogSpot.Com has an new logo and it's the Official Logo !!! YEAH !!!! HOU LENG AH !!! TengKiu Wennie !!! wooo ~~~ So from now on, this logo will be the official logo for this blog and the official watermark for my pictures as well... Again... Teng Kiu Wennie !!! Dor jeh Sai !!! Starbucks Ngo Geh !!!!

And while we were looking at different designs of the logo, I name this picture:



  1. +wennie said...
    noo..... hai giu 'DIU! BIN LAN GOH SHAN SAI DIT DANG?!'
    +wennie said...
    cheap lou, ngor moi Starbucks. i wan ngau yuk min.
    Anonymous said...
    hou zheng ah! hou leng ah!!
    King's wife said...
    haha...No eye see!

    Nice logo...monyet still there.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!!!
    Anonymous said...
    Eh the Japanese words at the banner there you write one? Anyway, banner nice, logo nice =)
    Anonymous said...
    shunbian Happy DongZhi and Merry Christmas ^^
    国源 said...
    Nice logo!! New year with new logo! cool!!
    wish u a wonderful christmas and happy new year!!
    AhTak said...
    Ngau yuk min jao ngau yuk min lah, sat nei !!

    Tengkiu Tengkiu ~~~ Credit to +wennie ~ hehehehe

    You too ~ Xing Dan Fai Lok !!~~~

    Japanese word no more ler ..... :(
    Merry X'mas to you too ~ And Happy New Year ~

    Yeah ~~ New Year newa logo + New banner ~~~

    You too ~ Merry X'mas ~~~ got go take picture mou ?
    国源 said...
    Where oh..out of idea lar..furthermore those few days i go back PD, how bout u?
    seefei said...
    can intro this leng lui winnie to me ah? my blog need a make logo too! i love her handiwork... very zheng!

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