New Look ... New Feel

How do you guys like my new layout ? Personally I think I want to change the Profile picture .... The Menu Borders and maybe a little bit more graphics ( small pictures ) here and there ..... when I am free.


  1. The Miserable said...
    nice!! nicer than mine!!
    that wennie dai sei chiu one, designed for you but never designed for me!!
    +wennie said...
    eh, boss. y red one? i thot black mia?

    u manyak SBH lah wei... so DIVA... like me. hohohoho!!!

    p/s: shud add a disco ball here lah. can feng tao.

    SBH = Si Beh Hiao
    AhTak said...
    That wennie tell me what color nire ..... that's it ~ where got help ???? Diu lah ~

    * wennie you cant see this ....wennie you cant see this .... *

    Meh wow ? red mm leng meh ??? Gei Yeng mah ~~~ black hou sian jor wow ~~~

    P/S: Disco ball ? Dragon Ball I know lah ~ hahahahhaa
    +wennie said...
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
    +wennie said...
    Diu nei lah, mahai! hai ngor bui hao than 9 ngor jung gong * wennie you cant see this ....wennie you cant see this .... *... mat 7~ -_-"

    red mm hai mm leng, abit Gay Gay dei jeh. shit loh... mm ji hai mai gan dak ngor doh, gao dou nei gay gay dei... chi dit ngor geng nei wui jung yi lam yan tim ah. dou shi hao ngor wui bei jacq lin sei ngor joh. T^T

    yung black hou ah. chi Plan B ah. manyak ada Gaya, Mutu, Keunggulan. Ummmph! best ah!

    p/s: jung Dragon Ball? out lah. yi ga hing Retro ah. Disco Ball hou. feng feng feng!!!
    may said...
    so nice! so clean! and... so square! have fun improving it... ;)
    Anonymous said...
    OOOOO...So the "GREENNNNNNNNNN"..i would prefer purple instead of red, but lagi gay hor~~

    wennie: he would not become gay ler, cos he is a GAY already!!! ^^
    c a r c a r said...
    then, never mention this carcar help to bong hah ngan meh?

    ka ka cau cau nia!
    Anonymous said...
    Niasing, I dun read Japanese, okay?!
    AhTak said...
    hhmmmm mm hou gamm ler ~ ngo dou yao gong tengkiu mah ~ hehehehehe....

    yi ga lam ju wun mai d borders , ying goi wui leng dit ... hhmm..

    So square ... I dun like ler ... hhmm.....
    *go back to look for something else... that's not square...

    purple mm dak lah ..... lagi more gay .... :(

    Aiyer ~~~ almost forgot to tengkiu you ~ hehehehe. You where got bong har ngan wow? You bong ALOT of ngan lah ~ Thanks for looking at every designs i have and gave me opinions ~ Thank you ~~~~ hehehehe

    The Japanese Words not for reading one la ~ just deco mah ~ Yao Yeng !!!!
    +wennie said...

    purple hou ah, purple. add hao poh hung, magenta lagi best. very indian~ plus disco ball den ur bf can be feng tao Gay indian joh. woohoo~

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