Moody Tuesday

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Just came back from lunch and have a few minutes to spent blogging. Yo ~~~~ Sorry for the delay of posting up 'My Weekend', coz I really really really really really the busy these few days. How's the picture? I think all of you need some Green to get a way from the air-con, lousy chair in the office huh ? Today dunno why very the sian and no mood ler ... hhmm.... Workload ? Sleeping late ? Waking up early ? Donno what to have for dinner ? Or .... I miss you too much ?


  1. +wennie said...
    jou yeh lah... sian lan ah? yan ju lou sai chao 9 nei yao yu ah.
    Anonymous said...
    today gloomy day ma..liddat la..ur body must be thinking u shud be in bed instead of office...
    Anonymous said...
    miss you too~~~ love the flowersss sooooooo muchie!! thanks b~~~
    Jo said...
    that's my colour!!! I like!! :)
    Anonymous said...

    domestic rat said...
    Pretty blooms though I have no idea what they are. :-)
    AhTak said...
    Chao 9 nei si fatt ! ~ Ngo hou lan mong, hou lan dor yeh jou gah ~~~ hehehehe

    I would love to .. be in the bad ... today also very gloomy ler .... how ah ? Maybe Xmas is liddat one ah ?

    Ceh ... love the flowers only .... :(

    *not to be view for TitoKi/TiuNiaSing or anyone allergic to Lam/dating comments*

    You like ah ? Green + Purple very matching hor ?~ hehehe

    Me not sure what flower also, hehehehe. But i did like the colors, so harmony ...... ZZzzzZZzz .....

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