"Jordan ~~~ Come ~~~ Momm momm here ~~~"

"Jordon ~~~!!!! Sit !!! Naughty !! "

"Jordon ~~~ kiss kiss ~~~~ "

Start to miss him already, will be seeing him in CNY....

ShortNote:Please enjoy the weekeds. Movie? Shopping? Yam Cha ? Call me if you want to Yam Cha or take picture okay? hehehehehe. Else I will be sleeping at home.


  1. c a r c a r said...
    come, kiss kiss...

    call me pls...movie? yum char? haha...

    hey now need not work on weekend, boring ah?
    King's wife said...
    Siapa punya doggie?

    Best to sleep during the weekend...
    Winn said...
    jordan is so cute!
    AhTak said...
    Aiyer ... So so far away ler ..... So come over some of the weekend then we go yam cha, deal ? hehehe

    Itu my family doggie ler ~ In Sabah now.

    I slept the whole Sunday morning.... Zheng ah !!!! The best ah !!!

    Same breed with Liucas ah ? I dunno but they look alike, hor ?
    Winn said...
    different breed la~.

    liucas so bodo where got the same...haa

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