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Finally have mood/money to bring my car to the workshop in Kota Damansara for some minor fix and tuning.... It was on Saturday, when no one want to layan me .. :( But I didnt spent some time there in the workshop chatting with the uncle/mechanic after sending my gf to work. Hence I am a new 'car owner', I malas want to call friends to look for good workshop or cheap ones. So I drove my car and wonder around Kota Damansara where I remember there's a few workshop around that area, and Bingo !!!

This is Window Washer Sprinkler Motorized Water Pump. Damm 9 long the name and it cost me Rm45... " Uncle, got cheaper 1 ah? I no money one ler" Uncle:" This is the cheaper one loh, original VDO cost RM150, you want ? hehehe" ... And I ask Uncle to replace the Rim Cap and the Logo on the bonnet as well... While doing all that, on of Uncle's mechanic checked the engine for me and found out that the Battery Water is low, refill required....

Uncle:" Si Tao, you go sit inside lah, got Air-Con." AhTak:" No need lah, I will walk around and entertain myslef". The Uncle offer me as I will have to wait there about 1 hour time for the replacement parts to arrive and be fix. And ofcoz AhTak won't stay put in the AirCon room ler, I wander around the workshop and take pictures here and there ler ....

According to some interview and research on the workshop, I think that working as a mechanic is not an easy work, speacially when you have stupid staff than never learn, a son who is having a long vacation and lepak in the shop, and very little bussiness to do. But the Uncle damm funny one lah... Keep on chatting with me and show me his sense of humor, which luckily he do have alot of that...


1. Window Washer Sprinkler Motorized Water Pump = RM 45 ( the cheaper one )

2. Battert Water = RM14 for 2bottles

3. Rim Cap = RM 16

4. Bonnet Logo = RM35

5. Service Charge = RM20

I think this is the most satisfied Service Charge I've ever paid for. All the "Open screw, Put Back Screw", "Check this, Check That", "Entertain customer (me ) with jokes", "Call here Call there for parts", "Go in Go out of the car", "Jack up, Jack Down" , all those sweat just for RM20 ... Compare to some restourant that have services like you owe them money lidday and still charge 5% service tax ....


  1. +wennie said...
    lou sai, zhan nei chin jan hai gan nan. doh doh yiu kao...
    limahpek said...
    Ahtak kor,
    Which workshop you went to in KD? I want take my car for some minor repair.
    Nowadays very hard to find good mechanic who also charges reasonable price eh..

    AhTak said...
    mm hai meh ah?! bei dak hei chin gang hai yao d yiu khao lah ~ hehehehe

    on the name card it says DS Tayar & Bateri Auto Services. Easy to find since there're not much of workshop over that, but there's a few on the same lot. I'm not sure about the price but the uncle is really nice and things done also very good.
    Anonymous said...
    Not 5 % la the service tax... Normally is 10 rite? That stupid gah-men tax is 5%... Then in the end, need to pay extra 15%... T_T

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