ShortNote:It's not where to go or what to do, it's who we go with and who to do it together with.

Finally have the chance to DRIVE up to Genting. I don't go Casino coz I don't gamble, I dun go Theme Park coz I think my heart cannot tahan, I dun really enjoy the cool air coz I can have better than that back in Kundasang, Sabah. Then why go Genting if you not enojy much there? Well, Malaysian mah, must go support abit lah, at least a look look see see mah. Like when a French tell you he/she never been to Eiffel Tower sure you say:"Wah, you sure you French ah ?", ngam mou? heheheheh. Just for the sake of going there and enjoy the weekend with GF ler, main reason ~ hehehehe

Breakfast @ Ikea before the journey starts. The crowd was insane I tell you. You will never see such crowd if thier Nasi Lemak and the Bread+Half Boiled Eggs was not selling @ RM2, and the unlimited refill of coffee, no way. At least I wont go lo. But I go there for the cheap breakfast also lah , heheheheheh.

Xmas Tree and deco in The Curve. Not bad hor ? Better than 1U I think. I like the blue tone, rather than the classic 'Red + Gold + Green'. And hope that I would have a chance to see a 'White Christmas' at least once in my life.

WooHoo !!! See the sky so blue and the clouds are just sooooo nice~ Great weather to have an outing hor ? Looking at the shy I thought I am somewhere not Malaysia ler, Hokaido lah, New Zealand lah, Taiwan lah, it's hard to see just nice weather now adays in KL.

Almost there, we're almost there. Eh, why the sky turning dark one? Aiyo, what are those clouds doing there ??? The weather was not that good already when were half way going up hill. Haih...... They said :" Woman's mood are like weather, sometimes worse", is that right ah ?

The Theme Park that I took a picture from the bridge. I find it... abit messy. I mean the placement of the machines and the pool and the rest. Not really nice to show on a picture, what do you think ? Last time anyone can just go in without paying the entrance fee, you just pay if you want to play. But now they change the rules that you will have to pay for certain amount of money doesn't matter you are playing the machines inide or not, don't care lah. Want go in ? Pay first talk later. No fun loh. Old people like me maybe just want to have a walk inside and look at the people there have fun, or maybe a few pictures to share here, but too bad...

A new machine just arrived months ago in Genting, sure scare the shit out of you one. Dun believe? GO try yourself. Me too old for that already.

Kids are having fun in the Water Theme Park. Brother: ui ! Go away lah ! Go far far dun come kacau lah ~", Sister:" ......... I just want to play with Gor Gor mah...... "

Deco on the First World Hotel Lobby's ceiling, ok hor ? All I saw yesterday in the lobby area are Heads. mountain of head spreading the whole are that I have difficulties taking pictures aroudn. Maybe it's school holiday loh.

1 of the 'Building' you'll find in the Indoor Theme Park area. They also have Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Towel, KLCC as you see in the picture, and much more. But it would alot nicer is they have also the Pyramid,The Great Wall and the Stonehenge. hhmm....

Then after a minum session in Starbucks and gets kind of boring, we went downhill to makan samewhere in the middle of the hill... somewhere in the hill near somewhere Genting?? ... hhmm.... Please forgive my Good Skill of Giving Direction.

Fried Thin Slice of Pork in Some dunno what sauce. Damm nice I tell you. Never tried anything like this before. But I think ladies might find it abit too fat and oily. but somehow must try 1 small piece ok? seriously very the nice.

One of the easiest way to have TouFu served. TouFu topped with Deep Drive shrimps couple with some Oyster Sauce and Fried Garlic. Zheng ah .....

But on the way back it wasnt very pleasant loh. Traffic Jam from Genting Hotel front Door till the Toll. Aiyer ... School Holiday + Raining + Ultimate Cautions = Terrific Taffic Jam. Just a reminder to all drivers. Please move yourself to the slow lane if you want to drive slow. Or if you see car behind you very close, please move to the slow lane also. You might think you are driving very fast already @ 60KMH on the HiWay, but infact you are blocking everyone behind you and causes traffic jam, because the car on the slow lane also @ 60 KHM," Ikut Kiri Jika Tidak memotong", got watch TV ornot ? Another scene. A new BMW 5 series was driving down also and I was enjoying myself looking at the nice car, suddently a Baskin Robin Ice Cream Cup flyout from the car and landed on the road with atleast half a scope on ice cream in it. OMG !!! Imagine the cup hit the car at the back and the Ice cream blocked the whole windscreen, and it's not funny when you are driving downhill from Genting.


  1. Jo said...
    I agree very much with your 'short note'. Very very much! :)
    Winn said...
    i brought lucas to genting once, i sneaked him into the room and made him stayed there while we went out and had fun. hahaha...

    he dindt make noise la..not until when someone'ting tong' the door..
    Anonymous said...
    use touch n go , so dun nit to queue at the tol ~ aiyur ~
    AhTak said...
    hhmm...... I can feel your sweenest from here liao ler ~~~ Somore got ants already ~ HAHAHAHAHAHA

    Wah !! Hou Sai Lei wow !!! You bring Liucas to Genting ah ? Bring him to casino also lah, why lock him in the room so sui wow ~ hehehe.

    What happened after the Ding Dong ?????!!!!

    Okok ... I go buy now .... Where to buy ah the TouchNGo card ??? hehehehehe. How much for the card ?
    Jo said...
    Winn, cruelty to animals! Ah Tak, you can send this confession to the RSPCA already. hahah
    Anonymous said...
    No wonder you fly my kite laaa...
    +wennie said...
    '...suddenly a Baskin Robin Ice Cream Cup flyout from the car and landed on the road with atleast half a scope on ice cream in it. OMG !!!'

    u dun gah gah lah. u always throw things out frm ur car oso lah. let me count... eggtart plastic bag lah, siubao plastic bag lah, ciggie lah, tissue paper lah, mat lan oso throw out frm de car... sit ur car oso damn scare kena tangkap by MATA ah. u know lah, me good citizen, plastic bag fold nice nice n put it back to ur car one, tarak majiam u... lap sap chung, lat tat dou sei... haih.
    Anonymous said...
    think i only been to Genting 3 times and never again. everytime also puke all the way up and all the way down. scared already.
    AhTak said...
    Nevermind ~ Liucas so stupid he wont mind, i guess . HAHAHAHAHAHHHAHA

    ceh ... you sendiri too many dates dun want layan me ~

    Wah .... at least my plastic are empty and i throw to roadside, not ON the road mah ... somemore it's infront Tesco, who cares ~~ HAHAHAHAHAHHA.

    wah .. so bad ? Then should follow my car ... damm steady one ~ water in the paper cup also wont come out ~

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