Well ... Ok what ~~~

From this morning till now I am receiving Video and pictures in my mail and reading alot blogs with this:

Dont click on it because it's not a link, just picture ~ hehehehe. Cannot blog lah, later kena saman or my Dad scold me or GF kill me. Yumiko was doing some stunt on a a TV Show and dunno how, her pants just got off...Ouch...Anyway. I think it's not much to be malu loh, take it as a joke lah. Now a days alot of swimware are more 'less cloth' than that what, even models on magazines also wear less than that lah~~~ Cheer Up ! ( Actually I kind of like Yumiko, I support her ! )

And i found something more funny...

Can see the guy's expression??? HAHAHAHHAHA. Lucky bastard !!!


  1. Anonymous said...
    I not even know who is she... so she no need to be shy if see me... LOL
    AhTak said...
    very leng lui hor ?~
    The Miserable said...
    Your girlfriend looks like Yumiko lah, no wonder you like Yumiko somuch!! But I don't know if your gf looks like Yumiko in t-back or not.
    Anonymous said...
    Just like Janet Jackson exposed her breast but got nipple shield. potong stim liao.
    AhTak said...
    EEhh ....... ah ....... G-String ah ? eehh....... dunno wow. Never see before also ~ I ask her show me tonight ~

    That one I see already potong stimm 9 9 lah ... like choco pudding with a Blackberry ontop liddat....
    *went cuci mata ......*

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