got it ... GOT IT !!!

Finally ..... got my first every LOMO cam, SuperSampler.

SuperSampler. 4 lens that capture things that happens within 2seconds/0.2seconds into 1 frame.
Fixed aperture at f8 and shutter fixed at 100.
Takes any 35mm film with isa 10 to 800.

Long story ler. Finished work earlier at about 9PM last night to get the cam. Walked all the way from Ikano to 1U, which takes about 15mins. Demo and paid within 5 mins and rush to meet up with Awong and Jian.

AhTak: Eh, Wong ah. How to put in film ah ?
Wong : You Dunno ah ?????
AhTak: eeh..... no .... heheheheh

First time in my life also and finally learnt how to put films into the camera ... duh....

So .... this morning I have fired out 36shots of FujiFilm ... but can get the pictures tomolo only ... And I seriously hate waiting ler....


  1. 国源 said...
    haha..Ahtak,what a big joke?A Great photographer dunno how to put film?or the film slot is different? haha..waiting to c ur pic on ur blog!!

    *i thought u say ur camera need to DOA??
    AhTak said...

    me no experience with film mah ..... my frst camera already digital, and last time my dad dun even let me touch his Canon AE-1 ..... :(

    The camera been changed with a new one .. hehehe

    "I dun care, you give me a new one or give my money back!!!!"

    hehehe, learnt from customer...
    Anonymous said...
    lomo momo!! eh, I come to your shop later ya... make sure you have adobe cs with you ya!!! kekekeke!
    AhTak said...

    Must say the secret code first: "AhTak for the rescue !!!" hahahahahahha
    Anonymous said...
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    Anonymous said...

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