Great Lunch I Had !

Not a good time to use the brain too much, after a great lunch with Jomel in Paddington...... Give Up with the HTML/CSS coding for now ... layback abit and blog maybe good....hehehe
(suppose to blog yesterday ... but busy, you know me always busy, right? )

Pictures ofcoz ... Tried my best with my SEK750i already, but still ... it's just a phone, dun expect too much.

Vienna Coffee... nice Latte with Cream on top ... really the smooth and ... khaw ! hehehe. Luckily manage to get the picture before the cream melted.

This is what I had ... Some .... Sousage + Pancakes + HashBrown ... soli Jomel, really cannot remember ... heheheh... Really good... must try ...

This is for jomel. :" Dun feel like makan lah, maybe i Just have dessert lah ~" Then ordered this after screening the menu for more than 10mins .. :" Everything also look nice !!! How ah?!?! how ?!?! " ~ hahahahahahahha ( That happened on me also lah, all the food looks really the good on the menu mah .... :(

note:OOppss .... forgot to say name ... it's Paddington in The Curve ~


  1. c a r c a r said...
    so nice! i want i want!!!
    国源 said...
    uisyer..all those food from ikano 1 ah?
    haiz..why low yat here dun have good food like the leh?
    haha..ahtak,here only 1 thg better only..pork!! haha
    Anonymous said...
    now, THAT'S what I call lunch! waaaaa! so the yumyum! your phone's camera did quite a good job too!

    eh, adjust your left column besar skit lah... bigger photos mah... hehehe!
    Jo said...
    Waaaaaahhhh! Now I feel like having that again!!! di dyou read my description of the trasure box in my blog? Now got pic already. I steal steal ok??? thank you in advance. LOL
    AhTak said...
    come share ~~~ we both cant finish our order ler ~ The portion so big~~~~

    Hhmm....... I am going to Low Yat for pork this friday .. hehehehehe

    Hhmm.... the phone not bad lah ~ hehehehehe. But still struggling with the coding ..... maybe you can help ? ???? ; )

    lil' joy:
    No problem ....... pictures + great description can torture them more ~~ HAHAHAHAH !!!!!
    ZMM said...
    Can still do HTML coding after that? I would have to take a 2hr nap to burn that off.. Zzzzzzzzzz..

    But looks damn delicious though.. Aiyo.. I'd been eating maggie mee, and left over dinner for lunch for almost 1 month!! So lazy to go out.. (I work fr home).
    AhTak said...
    zara's mama:
    Nevermind ..... take 1 hour leave and we go makan lunch .... heheheheheh....... work hard and got to treat yourself nice ~~~
    Chen said...
    nice yummy food.. I also want :D
    Poison said...
    WAaaahhhh!!! Waaaahhh!!!! *speechless*
    AhTak said...
    come come come ~~~ we go hantam the food again ~~~ Me also kena tortured khau khau from May's and LB's blog ( those food reviews make me crazy..... )

    Waaahhh !!! WwoooWWW !!!! HHhoooooo !!! That's the sounds me made when the food are served ..... HAHAHAHAH
    Simple American said...
    Second time in a week I see folks visit Paddington. Jolly good looking food.
    AhTak said...
    And taste really really really really good too ~~~
    Anonymous said...
    Nice idea with this site its better than most of the rubbish I come across.

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