For the Bad Mood you ...

Ok ... Abit personal but .... you guys dun mind right ? Want to do abit of 'dedication' ler, heard that 'someone' wasn't in a good mood today and ... kind of want to cheer her up ~

Specially dedicated to you who have a 'no good mood' today ~ Cheer Up ~ No worries ~ HHmm ... Maybe should lay back abit or hang out with some friends and try to get stupid, that works on my everytime ~ Don't think too much, it wont help. Let things happen, sit back and see how it goes ~ AhTak always here tell jokes for you ~ heheheh


  1. Anonymous said...
    Thanks for your great jokes. By thinking back of it, can put smile on my face.

    Appreciate your sweet gesture very much.

    fr: someone
    Anonymous said...
    ooOOoOOoo, I know who, I know who!!

    *cheeky grin*

    cheer up, "someone". everything will be as right as rain... some day... :)
    rainbow angeles said...
    dear someone, the only way after being down is to go up... hmmm... that didn't sound quite right but u know wat i mean, rite? :)

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