2 good news for everyone, from Apple.

It was early in the morning after I had breakfast with 4 lovely ladies in iKea. RM 0.99 for all local foods and free coffee before 10Am, cheap. So.... after that go back office loh, bring up Apple.com and saw this ....

Picture from Apple.com

Yes... The Mighty Mouse is now WIRELESS !!!! Ouch !!! It;s wireless !! Zheng ah !!!!! I didnt get the Mighty Mouse last time coz there's still wire hanging around... I dun like.... Like you have Laptop with wireless everything but still a wire attached to the mouse ... abit lame right ?....... EEehh... Sponship for AhTak.blogspot.com, anyone ? Know more about it.

Then the second one .... Actually not much 'Function' to me ler, since I dont use it.

Yes... Skype on Mac now can do Video !!! And it's OS indepentand, can comm with people using Mac or Windows ............. -_-!!! ....... Soli loh, I dun use Skype one mah ... In office cannot use, back home no Internet so cannot use .... So for those who have a Mac with iSight, can please go ahead and download and try, and it's BETA just for your information. Click here to go dowload.


  1. Anonymous said...
    I want I want I want!

    not the mouse ler... oredi have one, if buy new one sure kena from sombody... hahahaha!!

    Skype with Video!! waaaaa!!! ok, downloading now...
    国源 said...
    hahaha..the skype for mac with video might help my leng lui customer ler!!
    Poison said...
    I want one!!!! I want a the mouse. It so cute! Skype? Errr.... to do what ler if my iBook don't have camera. Have to get camera first but I'd rather get the wirless mouse. Hhehehehe....
    AhTak said...
    My PowerBook no iSight .... :(

    Help your customer .... or help you sin ??? hehehehe

    I want the mouse also ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    can do photoshop faster ... hehehehehe

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