Get Ready Guys !!!

Sorry guys for the delay of pictures...after so many days of hard work of selecting and deleting and editing them.... now all uploaded....

Guys, please prepare for the following items...

1. Glasses ............ Checked. ( see clearer )
2. Tissue papers... Checked. ( nose bleed )
3. Napkins ........... Checked. ( saliva )

It's good to go show/function with photographer friends, they knew almost evey girls that's in the show. Which means the girls can pose better for the camera ~ hehehehe

Bridgestone Tyres

This is for you, Devon ~

Sony Audio
At right is a friend of Carol, whom I knew from PC Fair. Promised to take picture for her since PC Fair till now. This is for you Angelina ~

Yokohama Tyres

Both are friends of BabyK (fellow photographer), great pose there you gals have. This is for you Jeniffer and....... forgot the name.

Dunno any girls in Nissan, so got to take picture from far far away ~


Spent most of the time in Toyota both, coz Rose Chin is there !!! Rachel is there !!! Awww ~~~ And both of them seems to know all of my fellow photographers, so spent time there chatiing and taking pictures for them ~ Both really the cantik to the max and friendly ler ~
This for you, Rachel ~~~


Another both which we spent alot of time on. 1. The models know and the photographers know each other. 2. Good lighting and the both. 3. Models have great pose ( They both are Pro Catwalk Models) 4. The girls are damm friendly to the max.
Here are the picture for you gals, Zucca and Jasmine ~

Note: More here. First few pictures will be the same as those in this entry, those at the back will be different shoots.


  1. Anonymous said...
    wohohoho...this is dam good man!This is wat we call show/roadshow mah!!! time if got chance bring me also lar!!
    Anonymous said...
    Makai....a lot of ppl go to those car show are not mainly look at d car, they were normally LooK at d GIRLS over there....hahahaahaa....rite?like those ppl who go to PC Fair, some of them are not really look 4 the thing they want....u know la...normally this kind of function are on weekend wat,so of course a lot of ppl go c lenglui la....u c u also take a lot of lenglui pic wat.....hahahaaahahaaa......well anyway damn enjoy those pic la.....

    AhTak said...

    Thanks Dude ~ Next time sure I bring you along, if you have time lah ~! heheheh


    exactly ! PC Fair go look for girls... Car Show look for girls...Shopping look for girls ...hehehehe
    Anonymous said...
    Great pics, Ahtak! What camera and lenses you uses to take these photos ya? I tried with my consumer cam and the results are far from yours. Thinking of switching to a dslr.

    Going out to change napkins and buy more tissues.
    Anonymous said...
    Ok, semua .... bungkus! Two of each, ya?
    AhTak said...

    2 where got enuff ~~~??? hehehehe
    Anonymous said...
    buy canon!
    Anonymous said...
    Hey, great shots u have there! props2u..The 3rd pic (bridgestone model) is hott!! Can i know whats her name? Devon or Codee?? Thanks alot!!
    AhTak said...
    anonymous 01:

    Please put name next time ler ..... so i know who am i talkingto mah ~
    And.... I will stick to my Nikon !!! hehehehe

    anonymous 02:

    See, this is the result of Anonymous.... So many anonymous..... dunno who is who...
    I think her name is Codee ler .... should be Codee..... must be Codee...

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