Alot of people think that, selling Mac is just like selling any other computer. Here I can tell you, is more than that.

I don't know what is the requirement for a Computer Sales person. Maybe "some knowledge" as knowing how to e-mail, go friendster and remember all the specs of the computer will do. Well, that's what i saw in any other computer shop.

Customer : What is the feature of this computer?

SalesPerson: Dual Core 2.0Ghz, 512 RAM.....(continue reading the specs from the flier..)

Or maybe telling the customer: Very Fast, Fast, Not So Fast, Slow, or Very Slow ... Which is all based on the "numbers" from the technical specification. But selling Mac is not as easy... You know why?

You got to know every answers for the following FAQ:

1. Can Mac open Windows Files ah ?

What kind of windows files ? Is that Words or Exels or Video files ? CAD files or UBS or maybe .exe files ? E-Mails or Websites or JPEG files ? If yes, how ? What software to use to open ? Compatible ? Any changes in format ? Need to convert ?..... and so on.. I bet one wont even know what is the different between Mac and PC if the guy doesnt own 1 or ever use a Mac before...

2. Which model do i need ah ?

Normally the sales guy will try to sell the most expensive model to the customer, why ? more margin = more commission mah.... Well, at least I don't do that. And that's why i am still a poor guy ... : (

3. What is the different betweem Mac and PC ah ?

The OS different lo, and more stable ...... You think a customer will switch system becoz of these 2 reason ? nah... you got to do better than that.... Basically new customer will have no idea what the hell is a Mac. So as a sales we got to tell them the different between and what is the benefit of using Mac..other than "Diferrent OS lo, and more stable....

4. Why the Mac's specification always lower than Normal PC ah ? ( They love to use "Normal" whcih refer to Windows/PC, and i have no idea why... )

Becoz.... they jam there.... Adui, how do expect a guy that never used/own a Mac to tell you that ler ? They are just here to sell lah....Punch card, sell machine, punch card, go home, that's it.

5. Where do I go for service ah ?

Oh, just come back here ,we ( we = AhTak) can handle services for you. Everyone in the shop is selling Mac, and AhTak is doing all the shit. Including service lah, answering all the "Mac Related" phone calls lah, what-ever to do with Mac, just not sale.

Man.... really can't take this liao ler..... Know shit about Mac and selling Mac. Get all the commision and pass all the shit to AhTak. I have been working in the Mac shop for about 2 years, and I have never sell a single Windows Based machine. I will pass the sales to anyone that is on the Windows side, coz i know shit when the customer back for service. Why cant they just think for my situation ah ? Damm..... How I wish my boss/manager/college are reading this.... You all need commision for makan I know, I also need what ~ No sales no commision I eat shit ah ?

Consider doing me a favour, don't sell things that you don't know. The worse insult to get from a customer is " You don't know what are you selling ? " or maybe watching you running here and there to pass the questions to your college.... Shame...


  1. Anonymous said...
    yea..i understand tht..caz i'm apple salesman also..some of the customers came into the apple shop n ask for the apple laptop,& compare wit the windows based laptop,say apple 1 slower lar,not nice to use lar, not good lar, can u always compare wit mac..they totally running different OS~!
    Anonymous said...
    Ah tak,u ask the salesman if they dunno how to handle the shit, then giv all the sales to u lar haha...then only u help them to handle the shit! Good Idea ler?
    AhTak said...

    Well. Not everyone were like you... Get really frustrated when you look at the way they "work".... Sell only loh, no need to learn or know anything about Mac mah... get commision enuff lah, if got shit/problem come back also look for AhTak/Edward mah.... Even stuffs that' "under" me who are suppose to know more about Mac also, never bother to learn anything... Damm... Imagine if me and everyone else are like them ? I dun think anyone will come to a shop to buy things from salesman that dun know what are they selling ... Am I right ?

    Really really want to tell the this to the guys or superior. But what will be the outcome after doing so ? Fight here fight there loh, everyday not happy to come to work loh... Dun wish that to happen, but..... you tell me what can I do...
    Anonymous said...
    who is tht guy? guy ah?

    Anonymous said...

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