WTF ??!!..Naik lagi ?

Normally you don't see Political/Local News/International issues in And so .. This is the first attempt, hopefully last.

As you all can see from any newspaper today(25/05/06), everyone was writting articles or mostly complains about the Rise in price of Electricity in Malaysia, by 12% and effective starting 1st of June 2006... Most comments/thoughts of Malaysians would be "Wah.....naik lagi kah??, "Aduh....Naik naik naik, semua naik, gaji tak naik.." Which is very true. Few months back the Petrol Price was risen "abit, which probably will be another rise before end of the year, and now the electricity price goes up again. Walau....Really that short of money meh?

According to newspapers...
"Authorities said:

There won't be much affect on normal families, the extra payment per-month will not be more that a pack of cigarette."

If that's true, then wifes/girlfriend would be very happy, 1 more reason to ask the husband/boy-friend to quit smoking. But what about those who don'y smoke ? Kurang makan sikit ah ??? Or maybe throw away the TV and Astro ?... And also from the news they stated that "Malaysia still have the cheapest Electricity in South East Asia", maybe true. But they have forgotten than Malasian also are 1 of the Lowest Salary Paid country ? In Singapore, an office boy may have a higher pay than General Manager/Store Manager in Malaysia ? Some Assistant Manager will have more pay than a CEOs in Malaysia, maybe, coz I didnt do research on that. And I have a friend in Hong Kong, told me that she is earing RM6000 monthly in Hong Kong, which according to her that's consider "Low Pay" in Hong Kong already... Wah, cannot compare like that mah, there Hong Kong here Malaysia, different ~~~ But why are you guys "Up There" compare Oil Price and Electricity Price to Thailand or Philipines or Myanmar or Indonesia ??? Which their living standard or economic standard are much more lower than Malaysia ?

If want to compare please compare to stronger ( Economically ) country like Japan, Singapre, Hong kong, so that we can improve. Not comparing to weaker country which will drag down the Living Standard in Malaysia. Look around, read some news... If you have time to play Golf and attend Ball/party or some open ceremony of anything....

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