Oh lan lah ... got these replies on the comment this morning .... Feels really bad. AhTak created this blog for the intention of sharing pictures that he took and some stories that comes along his life. Well AhTak try his best to tell his stories in a casual and stupid way which he thought it would be easy for everyone to read and understand, then think about what's behind the story.

For last night's entry, it was about 2 dudes that flip poeple's demo machine (which cost RM10199 ) up and down like buying chicken in the pasar liddat. Serious.... Does every reader here does that when buying, ooppss, I mean "looking" at people's product ? At least me and most of the people i know don't. Is a basic respect to the sales persons, and the shop owner and yourself. You'll never know untill you become "sales" one day.

Back to the question. I would welcome anyone that IS buying or NOT buying to visit me and ask me questions about Mac. But still, I seriously don't think there will be anything interesting "object" hiding under the Laptop loh. New design that they have a second LCD at the bottom izzit ?Hahahaha..... You want to look at the design, looking at it is enuff. You want to find out how many ports are there, all located at the side, NOT at the BOTTOM, I dun think any designer would be stupid enuff to design such.

And as I said in the previous entry. Try go to LV and see if they let you touch thier HandBags. I doubt it..Dudes.

For me when I go shopping, or Windows Shopping (people with no money in the pocket, checking out the new stuffs) to be exact, I will never ever ask for DEMO if I am NOT Buying, Try Before You Buy mah, Dun Try If Dun Buy loh, fair enough ? I mean... If i have money in my pocket and have intention to BUY, 3 questions for the sales person only.

1: How much ?
2: You have stock ?
3: Any discount ?

I bought my PowerBooks in less than 10mins.
My D70s less than 5mins.
My camera lens all less than 10 mins.
All nike shoes/shirt/socks/hat/pants less than 10 mins.
My SE K700 in 5mins.
My Seiko 5 Superior less than 10mins.

Anyone went shopping with me before know that. I am not rich, neither LanC. If you insist of saying me LanC, please come find me Yam Cha you have time. Untill 05\05\2006 non of my friends or readers that I met in real life have never say me LanC before, dudes, you guys are the first and the second. Why don't leave your name ler? If I know you in real life then I can say sorry to you if I have humiliated you mah ...

However, I still think that's not right to flip the people's product up and down like no body bussiness. I am not trying to LanC or to humiliate anyone. Doing so is a no-respect to the sales person and also the shop. Fliping chicken or fishes in the market is ok, they don't worth much, but even sometime also kena LanC lah, :" 先生,買魚喔,選老婆嗎?” That not only happend in Steven Chow's movie. I heard that before in real life, okay?? If the dudes drop the laptop how ah ? If the laptop scatch how ah ? If their drink spilled on the laptop how ah ? Who pay ? You ? Me? Think about it with your worthy brains my friends.... You are not in my position you don't understand the situation. Are you (the dudes that make the above comments) a sales person by any chance ? Go be one for a few months if you are not, you will eventually understand how bad it is.

My dad always tell me since I am very young. :" Tak, dun touch people's thing if your are not buying ! "

NOTE: 1 more time I'll say it here in my blog. AhTak.blogspot.com is created based on Stupidity and Casuality which is to bring laughter and happiness to anyone that's reading. In this world no one is totally right or awfully wrong, everyone have different thinking. You readers have yours, AhTak also have his own. Take it easy, don't take it personal, no hard-feeling okay? If you really love complaining bout what people's thought and have alot of "fire" to give off... I recommend tiuniasing.blogspot.com to you. His stories are 10000000x mroe fierce than mine.


  1. Anonymous said...
    I strongly agree wit what ah tak said,be a understanding customer,i know all ppl curious bout new stuff,but new technology not an alien;U can ask question if u dunno,u can also ask for demo also,as a customer i know,ask some important info,but not stupid question!for example: a customer curious about the Ipod case inside the box,he take the box ,open the box,tried the case on his/her ipod,then only he/she ask the salesman,can i open the box???
    (*.*)"..haha...funny rite? dear all the customer(including me),try thking of salesman position,they r human too,not sales machine!Or Smile machine! If u ask politely,in good attitude,ppls will treat u well back!

    AhTak said...

    Thanks for the BAckUp !!! HHmm.... Not easy being a sales person hur ? hehehehe
    Anonymous said...
    wahahahaaaa....'bang u r luckly lor...three years onli....i've been fainted liao....more than five years facing all those kind of customer. they can point at the monitor and ask u "this tv can watch ASTRO r?" so how can u answer him??? *#!^E%$!@......sudah biasa la....

    AhTak said...

    walao that's bad ~~~ really not easy being a sales person ler.... Sunday got to work, public holiday got to work, 10am~10pm working hour, and the worse .... pay no good... : (
    Anonymous said...
    not even that...sometimes have to silly with them....ma de....if keep on like this we gotta look for specialist doctor every month for mental checking.....:(

    AhTak said...

    I thought the mental chek-up can claim company one mah ??? No ah ???? If not then I think better make it compulsary for the sales person to have a mental check-up every month before we really get crazy service " Customer With Attitude" ~ ;p
    Anonymous said...
    WAAAA!!! Dun worry, I also back you up too ~ All those GOOD FOR NOTHING Wanna Be Costumers that think they ARE ALWAYS right even if they themselves know they are in the wrong... Haha.. Life is short..
    AhTak said...
    L B :

    Where have you been ??? Didnt see you for a long time ler ! Thanks for coming and backing up !!!

    Gam sia lu. Wa Lang gia Ki Lim teh/jiu when you come back Malaysia !!!
    Anonymous said...
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    Anonymous said...

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