Was in my friend's site yesterday, and saw some of my friends were participating in the Tawau Some Singing Competition....

Dude that was living in the same neighbourhood back in Tawau.

Dude that was same school and neighbourhood with me back in LD.

Good Luck guys... To people who love music and work really hard for music. That's including you, AhPang !


  1. Anonymous said...
    hey.. ah Tak, u moved from one place to another ey???? TWU.. LD?? man....

    well. of course i remember u!!!!!
    TMN KHIDMAT kay...!!! Gosh.. thats like ages ago man!!! How u doin!!??! i see u r still a BIG MAC FAN!!! stil working there?
    Anonymous said...
    I knew the who where white shirt..

    Frm Jack Lee
    AhTak said...

    moved from LD----Tawau----KK----LD----KK----Tawau----KL.

    yeah, Taman Khidmat. Miss those days...I am still working there ler ( Mac shop in Ikano). Please drop by sometimes if you have time ~


    The guy from SMC that stay next to Sheng Wah lah ~~ this guy can sing very well, right ? Let's wish him good luck ~
    Anonymous said...
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