Customer: Hello, when are you getting the MacBook ?
AhTak : Eh, sorry, I am not sure about that,
Customer: Is that alot faster than iBook ah ?
AhTak : Yes indeed.
Customer: When can I get 1 ?
AhTak : Sorry, not sure bout that.
Customer: What lah you? You selling Apple you dunno ?
AhTak : I need to wait for the supplier to bring in the stocks.
Customer:You dun want bussiness izzit ? When can I get 1 ?!
AhTak : Maybe I can get your contact, when the stock is here I give you a call ?
Customer: 012-2122222, my name is LanC.
AhTak : I will give you a call when I get the stock, thanks.

Is not my fault also mah... no need to diao me like that ove the phone right ? You diao me the MacBook also wont arrive any earlier mah....Want diao go diao the ship lah ~ " Oi stupid ship ! Eat shit one ah ? Need so long to come from Taiwan to Malaysia?" Diu.... Taiwan wow Dai Lou, you think Cheras meh ???

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