Well, that's what 99% of my walk-in customers told me... Most of them are comparing a Mac machine to Acer(saved cost on desingers), Dell ( dont even have a showroom or demo machines). Hhmm.... wrong category lah friend, you are comparing a Wira with a Civic. Try this:

Go in Honda Show Room and ask them why are their cars more expensive than Proton. Hahahaha.... Or perhaps you can try asking why Kluang Staion charge RM2.80 for a cup of coffee ice while mamak just Rm1.30...

Read an article ealier today which make me write all this...

A guys from US are trying to compare the most expensive Apple have againt the most expensive ones from Dell, suprisingly Apple are cheaper:

:Original article:

When it come to buying things ah ... I think lah, don't just "My friend say", or "My BoyFriend say", or even "My dad say". Go and look with your own eyes, you are the one who is paying and using, not your friend, okay ?

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