No really sure bout the name ... HHmm.... It says Sentul West at the guard House, but then inside you see Sentul Park lah, Koi Center lah, KLPAC lah, then some office lah, then some old house lah... Dunno ler, but according to a very reliable source (Encik Jack Lee), the place is private owned. The Park/Center is very clean, relexed and .... Very the Japanese Feel, which makes the private-owned-thingie make so much sense, no ? You never see public park/center like that one ler ~ Well, at least not in Malaysia.

Present you... Sentul Park.

Building Section:

The buildings ( just the Koi Center, no time for other ) are damm so nice ler ~ Very Japanese Feel. I think there are some kind of restourant of cafe inside, but I really no time to pay a vist inside, maybe next time.

Fishes Section:

Sorry bout this ah. When to koi center and come back with "1" picture of fish ~ hehehe. Coz all the fish were under water, and I have to use a Polarizer to cut thru the refleks, and the only lens I can use the Polarizer is my Kit Lens, and Kit Lens no good for low-light condition + Macro .... So.. The second pictures here is the water filter on the ponds...

Insercts Section:

Dragonfly...zoom in, zoom in, and zoom in....The dragonfly very shy ler dun want come near me. So got to zoom in with 300mm.

Plants Section :

I spent more time with the plants instead...

Sentul Park....

If you are Photographer, must go...
If you want place to chill out, must go...
If you have gf, must go... (no sex in public please)

Just kidding...


2 pictures I edited for Alex which he took in Japan.


  1. Anonymous said...
    hahaha...i've waited for these types of pictures for so long!
    u make me feel like heaven man!!
    AhTak said...

    I thought you guys prefer to see leng lui ?~ hahaha
    Anonymous said...
    hey,i wish to be a interior designer,so wat do u thk!if i like the leng lui pics then i'll be a graphic designer lor!!

    AhTak said...

    So did my pictures inspired you ? hehehe

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