Ups and downs, Ups and dpwns,
Life's like Merry goes round.
Seen the bad today,
Goods are waiting tomorrow.
fear not the fall,
and we'll stand tall.


  1. L B said...
    Turtle soup? Never tried leh. *grin*
    Levonne said...
    hey hey hey ... mus come to Genting hor... i wan to see ya... lol
    L B said...
    Offer you can't refuse, AhTak, me laddie! :-) Bring turtle soup..
    AhTak said...
    LB: Wah lao eh ~ Turtle soup somenore !! hahahaah

    Levonne: I will be there !!! hehehehe, want to see you too !Will be my first encounter with Singapore friends,
    Anonymous said...
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