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Hello ~ Me again ler ~ AhTak ah ~~ Remember ?

Dedicate this picture to LB ...

So LB, do you missed Malaysia weather? Do you missed Malayisans? Do you missed SLR ? hehehe.

I still have somemore pictures taken in the trip i went on with Emily on Friday, but I think it's not appropriate to post just pictures here, since my initial intension is to post pictures that I have 'feel' which I can wrote something related to the picture's emotions, or pictures I can relate my emotions to.

But still, others that are not being postede here will eventually be found at my photo showing-off site, Flickr.com . So please stay here for trash talk, or according to a LB :

" Pasta is good here, but I do miss variety. Variety that's cheap and yum yum and looks Malaysian and includes the sort that AhTak da Man consistently posts on his blog: Siew Mai! Har Kau! Siew Pau! Nasi Goreng Ikan Masin! Owww! Chow Kway Teow no Hum, uno. Teh Tarik kurang Manis, due, per favore.. Semua sapu. Grazie mille. Ci vediamo domani. Of course I love the Love/Unlove/Love Stories too. I still can't figure out if they're Love or Unlove Stories. But they're engrossing. "


  1. L B said...
    Wow!! Lei moh kau chor ah! Pic dedicated to me summore!! Waaaaa! ThankQ ThankQ!! Buy you beer next time.

    Actually, you know, I don't miss Malaysian weather liao! Hahaha, ok, I rant abt Italian weather, but really, I prefer the cold, and even the rain to Malaysia's cannot breath, cannot move, cannot do anything humidity la. Ya la, you are used to it ma, but I been away so long, my body tak tahan loo. Everyday in Malaysia I need to take at least 9, 10 showers (depending on activities and facilities). Mandi kerbau like mad. I do miss the food, and the many Malaysian friends I have, and I am beginning to miss the SLR.

    I still have an old analog Pentax SuperA with a couple of Kiron lenses, but they are staying inside the cupboard until they become antiques. Then one Sunday open stall at AmCorp Mall.

    Hehehe.. Thanks again. Keep on Bloggin' and Flickrin'!
    AhTak said...
    I have saved this comments page in PDF as refference for the Beer ~ hahaha

    well, you can sell off the Analog to get a Digital one what ~
    Coz I think it's lot cheaper to play with digital now adays ~
    D50 ? or maybe Olympus ???

    I will go for Nikon loh, coz i am using 1 .. hehehe
    Emily said...
    Really like this pic, can almost feel a strong wind blowing. But there isn't any wind that day right?
    AhTak said...
    no loh ... I don't remember feeling any wind that day. I remember that day was very very the hot....
    Anonymous said...
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