To people I know who might be ready my blog :

My Dad,
My Sister,
L B,
Ah Pang (zero5phh),
Zara's Mama,
soo hoe,
Ah Fai,
Guo Yuan,
Ah Jel,
Xing Yee,

And for those who never read my blog:

Steve Yap,
Jackson Liaw,

Basically every friends I have in KK....

And for those who was in Tawau:

Zhong Zai,
Ah Long,
Ah Di,
Ah Ning,

and everyone in Tawau......

Also for those in Lahad Datu:

Fui Loong,
Ah Zen (Kiefer)
Zi Loong,
Ah Zack,
Cher Chong,
Wen Zi,
Ah Sam,
Bong Bong,
Wen Zi' brother,
Ah Chi,

and everyone in Lahad Datu......

Having fun in Australia:

Ah Bill,

And lastly 2 more in UK:

Wah Chai,
Ah Lo.

All of you up there... Merry X'mas and Happy New Year ~~~

PS: Those is KL and not in the list, I will greet you face to face. Those not in KL and not in the list, please call me and remind me that I am still a friend of you. If you read my blog but not in the list, please leave your name in comments, so we make friend.


  1. Anonymous said...
    good to see that i'm in the greeting list, merry christmas to u 2, LB 3....
    merry christmas
    merry christmas.....
    Emily said...
    Merry Christmas Ah Tak!
    L B said...
    Merry SingTanChit!! To Mr AhTak, & Mr soo hoe, & Miss Emily.. :-) May you three have lots of peace, and joy, and really great pictures, and blady good coffee..
    Smoke Head said...
    Merry Christmas to you too, Ah Tak. :-)
    seetmui said...
    merry christmas to you all also... :)
    ZMM said...
    Oh, you must be from Tawau then.. Hmm.. that's a bit too far to go home to 'koh-tong'.

    Hopefully you'll go home for CNY.
    AhTak said...
    am going back Tawau for CNY ... FOR SURE !!!
    Anonymous said...
    Where's my name???
    AhTak said...

    Happy Neeeeeeeeeew Year ~~~ heheheheh
    soli loh..... your name in the list .... hehehehe
    Anonymous said...
    Anonymous said...
    Anonymous said...
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