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So fast so sweet,

again another month's gone.

Things happened so fast, too much,

and yet we don't have time to sit down and enjoy.

Things are getting better, we are getting better.

It's been a great 3 Months ...

I will appreciate, what we have sacrificed and worked so hard for.


  1. Anonymous said...
    Happy 3months anniversary!!
    peanut peanut hoho~~~
    AhTak said...
    Let's go makan tonight ok ?~ hehehehe....
    Anonymous said...
    *peeks above*

    shy to komen liao... *teehee*
    King's wife said...
    May, are we supposed to be here? 2 big lamp posts! hahaha..
    Anonymous said...
    is this a paktou's corner or comment ar....? aiyu yurrrrrrrrrr....

    eh da photo is nice ! only da bottom part quite dark , it would be perfect is can see some building .. kekeke ~

    TienSheng @ Shengchai
    The Miserable said...
    you 2 paktor here, not paiseh one meh??
    AhTak said...
    nvm ler ~~~ Just close eyes pretend didnt see anything ~ hahahaha

    Lamp post ?~??~ Where ??? didnt see any ler ~~~ Maybe that's why they say:" People in love are blind ...."

    UI !!!! Long time didnt see you here already ~~~~ The dark area on purpose one ler, I found it distracting to have some construction site in the picture .. so mei ....hehehehe

    Aiyo ~~ Dun liddat ler ~~~ Give chance abit mah ~ hehehehehehe

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