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Hi guys ~ I hope I didnt lost alot of readers by now since i hardly update my blog, my bad. I was a very busy weekend for me ler ~~~ Went to bought some Shirts and pants and Tie since and I dun have anything formal in my wardrobe, and my new job only allow formal stuffs. And luckily my boss didnt say anything about me not wearing a Tie yet, hehehhe.

Well, first day and the second day ( today ) wasn't too bad at all. Alot of simple things/job need to follow up ler, like making sure that I have all the authority to access to where I am needed to be, make sure the network is up and running, answer a few simple questions from colleagues, basically easier to handle compare to 'customers'. Hhmm... May still new and not sure about anything, but according to my boss, there will be a few "Big Things" coming ahead after I have place myself nicely and comfort, and I am still waiting...

And also, I have a Picnic outing with Angel lah, Cocka lah, Jomel and her girls lah, Winn lah, me and my GF lah .... heheheh. Fun Fun Fun. Looking at peoples trying so hard jogging and running around to loss thier weight, and we all eat like cow with all the nice nice food that Jomel has prepared for us, Thanks Jomel ~ I like the HotDog something Bun ~ So nice ~~ hehehe

The Sign. Where we had our picnic. Imagine after coming to KL for almost 3 years, first time that I don't need to work on Sunday and have fun with my GF and friends !!! Happy and Fun Fun Fun ler ~

The Walk. Fresh air, greenish everywhere, somemore got water. Make me miss my hometown even more. When is Chinese New Year ah? Feel like going back for Chinese New Year already ler~ This year I will bring someone special home, is she can get the leaves ...

The Fall. See ~ Waterfall ler ~ So nice hor ~ Too bad that day we went had a big rain the night before, which dirty the water loh, cannot swin. Haih... else I can show muscles to the ladies.

The PlayGround. Kelly and Selly just beh tahan and run all the way there despite mommy and jie jie and uncle shouting their ass out to stop them from running around. Their are just kids, cute and lovely ones~ hehehehe

The Monkey. Yup, most frequent seen animal in the park. From my profile picture can you tell we are cousins ? hehehehe

The Monkey Return. I think monkey sure have itchy butts ler, cant stop and keep quiet one ler, running here and there all the time, carrying carrying camera and take pictures here and there. Eeii... ? That sounds like me ler ~ Chooooyyy ~~~

The People. Auntie Uncle come here exercise one ler. Old School ones play Tai Chi, Nu-Gen play Yogo, this i think mixed. Tai-Yo, or Chi-Ga ?

The Food. These were the food I am talking about lah, so nice ler ~ We all totally forgot that we were in a Park with alot of 'Healthy' people jogging or TaiChi-ing around. Who cares, just hantam the food !!! hahahahha.

The Sallad. To nice the Mozarella cheese AitelYiu !!! I made and effort to 'filter out' all the vege, left chicken and mushrooms and cheese. I really hate vege, serious.

The Liucas.Dont be cheated by the look !!! This is not a Dog !!! It's a Cat !!! It meows and it runs faster than me !!!

Thanks guys for the lovely Sunday right before the turning point, I bet you all should know what I have changed my job which has alot in difference compared to my previous one. That now I can sleep at home or go Tai-Chi on Saturday Sunday, that I don't serve customer and bargain with price anymore, I dun sit in the office and have nothing to do all day long, that something I really had enuff. Sad thing is, I got my pay slip on Friday and written on it, I earned RM150 for working on Public Holiday, and have a deduction of RM100 for 2 days of un-paid leave. WTF ???? Working on 3 Public Holidays just got RM150 and 2 days unpaid leaves deduct RM100 ??? And I am very sure that I have enuff leaves to cover that 2 days .... damm ...


  1. Anonymous said...
    waaa, I love your Taman shots!! so the green, gives it a very fresh feeling liao. the Monkey shot is so cute, LOL!!
    rainbow angeles said...
    TQ for the lovely pictures, ah tak korrrr!!! My fav is of course, Liucat! ;)
    Anonymous said...
    so fake can die!
    seefei said...
    outing at a taman on a lovely day and with so many frens! what can a man ask for... maybe more photo opportunity?
    The Miserable said...
    picnic is good, especially when you don't need to prepare the food!!
    Jo said...
    Ahtak, that one is not hotdog ler. Its sausage rolls. Remember. Next time when you want to ask me to make, if you tell me hotdog, I give you hotdog then you know.

    We must find a place where the grass is thicker, then we wouldn't even need the mat. The rainy weather made the grass there not nice hor?
    Winn said...
    thanks for the lovely photos! ur photos make we feel very shameful to even show you ours, sampat and unprofessional.

    it feels to good to do nothing but jus relax on weekends kan? i used to work on no life.

    ya sausage rolls is life...luckily got jomel:)
    King's wife said...
    eh ahtak, Congrats on your new job!
    AhTak said...
    Thanks ~ I really miss all the Greens back in hometown ler ... cant wait to go home ~ hehehe

    Yah ~ Liucat ~ hehehehe. Run faster than me ler ~ hahaha

    Huh ? Am I missing something ????

    yes ~ more photo opportunity ler, too much fun till i almost forgot to take pictures ~~~ hahaha

    I go join with my camera and empty stomach ~ Now you make me feel really bad .. :( hehehehe

    aiyer ~ What ever lah ~ I just know it taste so the good ~ Can you remember the name for me ah ? hehhehehehe.... Agree with the heavy rain made muddy ground, next time we go somewhere we can roll about on the ground !~ hehehe

    Ceh ~ Where got wow ~ I enjoy seeing all the pictures of you all ler ~ So much fun ~ Sampat pictures are fun ~ hehehe

    Thanks !!! And,, Wah ... I love you pictures from the USA ler ~ all so nice ler ~~~
    titoki said...
    Tak ajak pun. Heh.
    国源 said... romantic..hehe
    want to see u wear formal lar..haha!!
    Unknown said...
    glad to hear u enjoy with ur new job. Wei!!! u go photo hunting alone ah? Never invite me oso?

    Oh yah... we are organising 'Together-Gather' Year End Bloggers Party on 30 Dec 2006. U want to join?
    Cocka Doodle said...
    It's a good thing you got out of the farking blood sucking hell hole! I can't believe they did that to you...i.e deduct so much of your pay for 2 days. This is exploitation!

    anyway, great photography skills. Good to meet up with you and Jacq again. damn thiu gah wan. Ask you also you won't come wan.
    AhTak said...
    No meh ??? Aiyer ... Blame Cocka ~ hehehehe. But you want to join to watch DeathNote this weekend ?~

    Where got LomanTic if Cocka there wow ~ Laugh Out Loud Rolling On the Ground got lah ~ hahahahah
    Wear formal ah ? can can can .. next next entry I do That ~ heheh

    Aiyer ~ next time ler ~ Now I free almost every weekend mah ~ Can go anytime for photo hunting ~ ehehehe. When you free ? want go PutraJaya?

    Haih ... Dunno ler, dun want to talk much about place I've left. hehehehe.

    Great meeting up with you also ler ~ Jacq says you are sooooo the funny ~ hehehhe. And we still working on the "HouseMate" thing ... hehehehhee, cant wait ...

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