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It was on a lovely Sunday afternoon, planning to get some McD as snack. After ordered at the counter 1 and proceed to counter 2 for the food, saw this SeiSoHai parked the car in from on me blocking the whole road. The SoFai saw me coming and din't give a damm. After we had eye contact, the SoHai just walk down the car slowly like JamesBond, Beep Beep locked the car and go in McD... MCHDNLMLCH !!!!! What's wrong with him ah ???? Lucky there's no car behind so I can GosDan abit and go out ! He should Thank God that I am not driving a Lorry that day, else he'll have to find his car in Ikano Car Park ... MCH !!!


  1. c a r c a r said...

    The Miserable said...
    kasi diu 9 7 the car owner and snap his sohai photo ma.
    +wennie said...
    so garang jou meh woh?

    hok ha ngor mah, shi man abit. go n show him ur middle finger, jung yiu hai 'double up' goh jek, den hok ngor gong 'MAT 7!!!!!' den he'll sure go away one.... see! i so sibeh shi man. hohoho
    Unknown said...
    The number plate already so soi la...
    TT = Tiu Tiu.... somemore got sei sei sei
    AhTak said...

    yes .... for the sohai ... DNMCFH !!! hahahah

    wanted to but didnt make it ler, when i reach my phone the guy went in McD already ler ... and me so lapar want to eat burger liao ler ~

    HAHAHAHHA, si mann bai lui jao yao ne fann !!! hahahaha

    hhmm... I think it will be very soon ... the so Soi plate number + so hai attitude .... very soon...

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