Dim Sum anyone ?

Thanks TiuNiaSing for waking up early to teman me for a Dim Sum breakfast ~ I tried but no others are interested on DImSum, 730AM Saturday morning. Thanks Ah Tiu, lovely morning breakfast with you and your lovely wife, nice to meet you ~ hehehe.

Our breakfast was at this stall, somwhere Opposite Alliance Bank in UpTown. Not the perfect place for nice DimSum thou. Messy shop, little dirty everywhere, by the roadside with alot of idiot double-parked their cars. But their DimSum are not bad. Worth all the distraction and DoubleParked idiots.

First session we have everything ordered and layout, while waiting for Tiu's wife to join us. DimSum would be alot better if all the food are served in the Bamboo Steam 'Case'. At least got feel mah, no ? hehehehe.

Fried WanTan. Deep fried Pork+Prawns+SomeVege wrap in WanTan Skin ( nice thin piece of floar mixed, mixture of water+egg york+flour ). Must go with Mayonise ler, else wont taste good.

All time favorite, chinese favorite. Pork ribs steamed with and . To perfection, the meat must be soft and tender, meat not sticked to the bones, and the taste must be ogasmic.

Less than 1 hour, less than RM40, less than what we can eat. All gone.

So... anyone else want to join me for a nice lovely Breakfast? Phone or Mail or Website Reservation available.


  1. Anonymous said...
    it's still the closest place to have dimsum when one is craving for it... *grin* their horyipfann is not too bad.
    国源 said...
    wah..lao hao shui lor!!!
    The Miserable said...
    hahaa... Thanks for the dimsum!!
    AhTak said...
    Didnt have the chance yet to try the HorYipFann ler, everytime distracted by those really looks good DimSum .. next time ... maybe next time ... and the LorMaiKai

    Dun just Lao Hau Shui ler ~ Come makan makan ~ hehehe

    No problem ~ I waiting for the treat on JiBaoKai ~ hahaha
    Anonymous said...
    so near n yet so far....can't remember the last time i went there..have got to be a holiday la...me work 7 days a week....can't afford to have dim sum..no time...
    Anonymous said...
    This shop not very nice leh .... ! yer .... but still alot of ppl go eat , dunno why ~

    another shop recommended , near to er i think tht place called SEA PARK , da one i used to lepak there but no longer liau , coz no kaki ... hahahhahaha

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